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Roller Shutters in Perth - Install for Residential
Roller Shutters Perth - installation

Reduce energy consumption by installing Nu-Style Roller Shutters

Windows allow for light, warmth and fresh air to flow through. However, when it comes to energy efficiency, up to 87% of the sun’s heat is gained through windows and up to 40% of a home’s heating energy can be lost. Improving the thermal performance of your windows significantly reduces energy costs and thereby greenhouse gas emissions. Tests* have shown the potential savings on heating and cooling energy consumption for a whole year when using roller shutters for a detached residence can be 40% and residential units up to 59%.
Diagrams below showing sun radiation penetrating through a normal glass window with external roller shutters fitted and without.
*Computer modeling tests using the NatHERS (National Housing Energy Rating Software)
Shading your windows with Nu-Style roller shutters will keep out up to 87% of the sun’s heat to your home which will significantly reduce the need for air conditioning. Window roller shutters will also keep your home warmer in winter, reducing your need for electric or gas heating. Helping reduce your home’s energy consumption and reducing your utility bills.
With a professional Nu-Style roller shutter installation, the external shutter is set away from the window frame so that it creates dual layers of insulation. The first is the 8 – 11mm thick aluminium slat filled with polyurethane, an insulated high-density foam that reduces hot and cold transfers. The second is an 40 – 80mm air pocket created by installing the shutter away from the window frame. This air pocket becomes a neutral zone between the two areas and helps minimizes the conductivity effects of when hot and cold air collide. This environmentally sound combination prevents heat and direct sunlight from hitting your glass windows and frames, keeping you cooler in summer. This also has the reverse effect in winter where you want to retain as much heat as possible, so that you can save costs on heating your home and help reduce CO2 emissions.

Nu-Style outdoor blinds can help with climate control in your home

Installing outdoor blinds can help with climate control in your home during summer. Premium mesh fabrics can block heat and light whilst providing the right amount of ventilation to cool your space. By opening and closing at the appropriate times of day, outdoor blinds can help regulate the amount of ventilation to cool your space.
By opening and closing at the appropriate times of day, outdoor blinds can help regulate the amount of sunlight and associated heat that is able to enter the home. Keeping your outdoor blinds closed during hot days can help keep the home cool and conserve energy. In winter, keeping your blinds closed can conserve warmth in alfresco areas with outdoor heaters, allowing you to make use of this area all year round.

Plantation shutters - stylish protection from the sun

One of the biggest benefits to installing plantation shutters is that they are extremely efficient when it comes to conserving energy. They’re installed in such a way that they seal right up against the window frame. This helps to keep heat out in summer and cold out in winter. Available in internal PVC, Basswood and internal/external aluminium louvre shutters. Installing louvers gives you control over the amount of light and airflow coming from your windows whilst acting as an insulative barrier inside your home.

Install security doors and window screens for natural ventilation

Security doors and window screens allow you to open your doors and windows and let fresh air to flow through your home. This natural ventilation helps to keep your home at a pleasant temperature without the need for blasting air conditioning systems and fans. You save on energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Our commitment to reducing CO2 emissions

We, at Nu-Style Shutters are committed to promoting sustainable practices, and being environmentally conscious is an essential part of our business model. We want to ensure that we are not only delivering high quality products but doing so in an environmentally responsible manner. Our decision to ‘Go Green’ is a significant step towards fulfilling that commitment. We are excited about the positive impact that it will have on the environment. These initiatives include recycling of metal waste, plastics, paper and cardboard, minimising water usage, using energy-efficient equipment in our production process, installing solar panels at our factory and work premises and using hybrid EVs as company vehicles.
As we continue to grow, we recognize that sustainability is a journey, and there is always more that we can do to improve our practices. We will continue to work with organisations like Smart Waste Solutions Australia to identify additional opportunities for waste reduction and recycling. We encourage our customers and partners to join us in this journey towards sustainability. We hope that our actions will inspire others in our industry to adopt ecofriendly practices.

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