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5 Outdoor Improvements that Can Add Value to Your Home

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Whether you are updating your home to sell or you just want to freshen up the look and feel of your property, there are many improvements you can make that will not only add to the visual appeal, but add significant value to your home. Nu Style Shutters offers a diverse range of high-quality Australian-made outdoor roller blinds, roller shutters, and other shading products to enhance and protect the exterior of your home. Let’s look at some simple home improvements that are a sure-fire way to maximise the value of your Perth property.

Create a Sheltered Outdoor Space

Australians love nothing more than enjoying the great outdoors, so the addition of an alfresco entertaining or living space can be a huge selling point for your home. A space that is warm and inviting in winter and shaded from harsh UV rays in summer is an important aspect of any home as it provides a place to relax and entertain, regardless of the weather. Properties with stylish and practical outdoor zones will always be worth more than those without. Consider installing outdoor blinds for the ultimate weather protection. Not only will they block out the rain and wind, they create a visual and physical barrier between spaces and also offer excellent insulation, so you can easily control the temperature while you entertain. Modern and sophisticated, outdoor blinds are easy to operate, they are durable, low maintenance, and perfect for regulating and controlling ever-changing light levels and temperatures.

Freshen Up with Paint

Whether it’s a refresh of an existing colour or a whole new colour palette, a new paint job can instantly transform the overall aesthetic of your home. If you choose to DIY, it’s also a very cost-effective home improvement that gives serious bang for your buck. Choose a warm, dry day to start, and do the first coat in the morning. Most paint varieties require just a few hours between coats, so you can do the second later in the day and have the whole home finished in the space of a weekend. For a few days of your time and a couple of hundred dollars in paint and materials, there is no easier way to boost your home’s value.

Add High Quality Security Features

Another great way to add significant value is with high quality security features such as robust roller shutters, security screens and doors. Providing excellent protection from potential thieves, roller shutters act as a visual deterrent giving the occupants inside peace of mind that they are safe and secure. Available in electric or manual options, in a wide range of colours to complement and enhance any style of home, roller shutters also offer protection from the elements including intense storms and fires, as well as provide excellent insulation properties and increase privacy.

Invest in an Outdoor Kitchen

Modern, distinctive design elements such as outdoor kitchens consistently trend high up in the ranks as desirable and valuable home features. Besides their aesthetic appeal, they also provide the tools and space to entertain seamlessly and create an inviting hub that’s perfect for friend and family gatherings. A kitchen fitted with quality appliances, fixtures and fittings as well as durable outdoor blinds or shutters for weather protection says that your property can support a sophisticated lifestyle with incredible entertainment potential. While they are becoming more common within Perth properties, outdoor kitchens are still considered a ‘luxury’ which in itself can sound quite alluring, increasing the perceived value of your property.

Add Exterior Lighting

Elegant, effective and customized exterior lighting can highlight the best architectural features of your home, illuminate your landscaping, cast a warm ambience over your entire property and act as an impressive way to deter burglars. Whether you want to add beauty to the facade of your home, highlight the entranceway or provide practical illumination for outdoor living and entertaining, there are a wide range of affordable garden lighting options that can amp up curb appeal and make potential homebuyers fall in love with and fight over your property.

If you are looking for sleek, modern outdoor blinds and roller shutters that will optimise your outdoor areas and give your home’s exterior a fresh new look, get in touch with Nu Style Shutters today. Contact us online for a free quotation or call today on 1300 798 776 to speak with a friendly team member.

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