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Roller Shutters

Which Colour Roller Shutters Should You Choose?

The colour of your roller shutters should complement and enhance the overall aesthetic of your home or building. Nu Style Shutters offer a vast array of stylish colours to suit the architecture style and existing colour scheme of your façade. Standard colours include white, black, and charcoal, while green, red, and brown are common amongst traditional style homes and silver and grey are typically chosen for a modern aesthetic.

Choosing the right colour for your roller shutters will enhance the visual appeal of your home, making it stand out for all the right reasons. Our team is here to help with expert advice and guidance on choosing the best colour scheme to suit your desired style. Book a consultation today.

Perth Roller Shutters

Control the temperature in your home and feel secure and safe with high-quality Nu Style roller shutters

Roller shutters are an easy and effective way to protect your property, control the light you let into your home and keep your family safe and comfortable all year-round. For over 2 decades, Nu Style has been Perth’s leading manufacturer, supplier, and installer of residential and commercial roller shutters. We understand the Australian climate and our roller shutters are designed to help Perth’s homes and businesses to stay in control of their comfort and security!

Enjoy Living in an Environment You Can Control

From blocking out light to ensuring total privacy when you need it, and creating peace and quiet by minimising outside noise, custom roller shutters are a smart investment for any home or business owner. Adding roller shutters to the windows and doors of your home also gives you peace of mind when you are away that you are protected from burglary, vandalism and even bushfire. Backed by our 10-year warranty, our roller shutters are slimline in design, extremely strong and custom made here in Perth from 100% marine-grade aluminium.

Stay cool or cosy at the touch of a button – it’s your choice with our premium quality, custom-made roller shutters.

Make an appointment to view the color options and get professional advice to make the best choice.

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Roller Shutters in Action...

The Amazing Benefits of Roller Shutter Installation

Exceptional Security

Installing window roller shutters increases your security considerably, as they transform your windows, traditionally a weak point and common point of entry for thieves, into a robust, impenetrable barrier.

Improved Insulation & Energy Efficiency

Did you know, up to 40% of a home’s heating energy can be lost and up to 87% of its heat gained through windows? Roller shutters are the perfect solution to improve the thermal performance of your windows. They slow down the transfer of heat from inside your home to the outside (and vice versa) by providing an extra barrier in addition to your glazing. Your home will be warmer in winter and cooler in summer!

Increased Property Value

The addition of premium roller shutters shows your home is secure. And a well-secured home is a valuable home! Roller shutters are a high desirable selling point for many homes, which is why installing shutters is an investment in the future value of your home.

Reduced Noise Pollution

Do you have neighbours who like to party? Barking dogs nearby? Do you live on a busy road? Custom window shutters are the ideal way to soundproof your home and create a peaceful haven.

Enhanced Privacy

Window shutters give you complete control over the privacy of your home, allowing you to shut out unwanted attention at any time of the day or night.

Unbeatable Cost Savings

Reduced heat transfer has a knock-on effect on your utility bills. With high-quality roller shutters installed, you won’t need to continually run your air conditioning and heating systems to keep your home at a pleasant temperature. Less energy consumption equals lower utility bills!

What you need to know about Nu Style Roller Shutters...

Where is your service area?

We supply and install roller shutters throughout the entire Perth Metropolitan Area, Servicing areas from Mandurah to Two Rocks.

What are the differences between Nu-Style Shutters and other companies?

Nu-Style Shutters is one of the leading roller shutters suppliers in WA, established in 2003, and has helped over 50,000 residents in the Perth metropolitan area with their shutters installations. With years of industry experience, our friendly consultants provide you with non-biased professional advice. Your quote is tailored to your needs.

Each of your roller shutters will be custom-made at our purpose-built, state-of-the-art factory in Malaga. By using the latest in manufacturing technologies and premium materials your products will be backed by a market-leading warranty.

We have ample manpower to assist our customers, your installation will be carried out by our own, highly trained, in-house technicians. By providing simultaneous installation and electrical connection our workmanship is precise and efficient. Our attention to detail ensures your home is left clean and tidy after the job is done.

How long does it take to have Roller shutters made and installed on my home?

If it is a standard job, which means choosing standard colours, and for a single-storey house, we can complete it within 5 working days after the date of check measure. Please inform our teams in advance about the urgency, and we will try our best to assist you in installing it within the specified time.

If it is a more complex job, please give us a call, and we can provide you with an estimated time frame.

What are the benefits of installing roller shutters on my home or business?

By Installing Nu Style Roller Shutters on you home or business you can benefit from:

  • Heat reduction – Stop your home and office becoming uncomfortable in summer by reducing glare and heat when you keep your Nu Style Shutters Down
  • Increased Security – Out of sight, out of mind. Nu Style Shutters help deter would be criminals and stop break-ins keeping your family and valuables safe.
  • Light block out – Perfect for your theater room, newborns, shift workers or anyone looking to catch a few extra Z’s, Nu Style Shutters block out light creating darkness of demand.
  • Noise reduction – Create a ambient atmosphere and reduce unwanted external noises. Nu Style Shutters insulated roller shutters help reduce noise from passing traffic and neighbors.
  • Increased Privacy – Control who can see in and out of your home or business. Create a barrier between yourself and the outside world controlled inside each room.
  • Save Energy – By installing Nu Style Shutters to your home or business you will benefit from reduced heating and cooling through out the year helping save on energy bills.

Nu Style Roller Shutter allow you to control the ambiance of your home whilst offering a superior barrier of defense to your windows and door openings from burglars. Nu Style Shutters are a great solution for protecting your home and business offering multiple benefits at a low value cost. For Perth’s best service, quality and price on aluminium window roller shutters call 1300798776 today.

How much do roller shutters cost?

The Price of aluminium roller shutters is typically calculated per square meter using the height and width of the opening or window, however some information is needed to give an accurate cost.

The 5 things that determine the price of a window roller shutter are

  1. The colour – Selecting a colour that suits your home decor or exterior is important, Our Nu Style shutters are available in 5 standard colours, that match well with White, Cream, Beige, Black and Charcoal tones, alternatively custom colours and powder coating are avalible. Our standard colour range are specially formulated to suit the common colours and decors of Perth homes.
  2. How you wish to control your roller shutter will also make up part of the cost. You can bring roller shutters up and down via manually winding, electric switch, remote control or 12v smart drive. Each diffrent operating cost has a diffrent cost that will be considered to determine the accurate price of your roller shutters
  3. The style of fitting, does your window slide or wind outwards? Awning windows and large doors most commonly are installed in a what we call a Face Fit style and may require a bottom U channel. Sliding windows are often installed in Reveal this is a tighter, slimmer fit and more cost effective. The style of your window, door or opening may attract a different fitting style that could require some fixing angles.
  4. The construction of you home also may effect the price, single story double brick homes are typically the base level installation, however double story or timber studded homes may require a more complex fitting and could effect the price of installing roller shutters on your home.

With all of the above information its fairly easy to work out an accurate price on what it will cost to have roller shutters installed, if you would like an estimate or an accurate free measure and quote, feel free to give us a call today on 1300798776 and we can easy work our how much your roller shutters will cost.

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