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Tired of uncomfortable temperatures in your home and want to feel secure and safe?

Roller shutters are an easy and effective way to protect your property, control the light you let into your home and keep your family safe and comfortable year-round. For over 2 decades, Nu Style has been Perth’s leading manufacturer, supplier and installer of residential and commercial roller shutters. We understand the Australian climate and our roller shutters are designed to help Perth’s homes and businesses to stay in control of their comfort and security!

Enjoy living in an environment you can control – from blocking out light to ensuring total privacy when you need it and creating peace and quiet by minimising outside noise. Adding roller shutters to the windows and doors of your home also gives you peace of mind when you are away that you are protected from burglary, vandalism and even bushfire. Backed by our 10-year warranty, our roller shutters are slimline in design, extremely strong and custom made here in Perth from 100% marine-grade aluminium.

Stay cool or cosy at the touch of a button – it’s your choice with Nu Style roller shutters.

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What you need to know about Nu Style Roller Shutters...

To protect your home during a storm it is best to leave all your roller shutters in the fully down position – this will protect your windows and doors from strong winds, hail, heavy rain, and flying debris.

Always follow the appropriate advice of the Perth, Department of Fire & Emergency Services – https://www.dfes.wa.gov.au/ –  or phone: 132 500 – for information regarding storms and extreme weather in your local area.

When safe to return outside of your home it is best to inspect the exterior condition of your roller shutters prior to operating them as if they have been damaged by debris or items have fallen into or against them, operating them upwards may cause them to jam and damage the running mechanism (motor or manual winder strap)

Both products prices are relevant to the size and selections made with each, however in most west Australian window size applications security screens are cheaper. Security screens come in two main designs, Secure Grille and Promesh.

Secure Grille is the more “old fashioned” Diamond grille screens, it is easily recognised by its honeycomb look and has been used around Perth on security doors and window screens since the early 80’s. Nowadays it is still a common and cost affordable security option available in 8 standard colours to suit most colour schemes on double brick Perth Homes.

Promesh is the top of the range in clear view security screens and door that is available. It is more expensive then

Roller Shutters are available with different operating methods, each has its own pros and cons. Its important to consider how you will bring your window roller shutter up and down when you want to and also how often you will use it when considering what operating method you go for. The different operating methods attract different prices also and are often suited to different types of installations, sizes and fitting types too. 95% of the Roller Shutters we install annualy in Perth are either Electric or Remote as these present the best value and are easy to operate for people of all ages.

below is a list of Pros and Cons for each operating type



Cost effective

Can be used when the power is out


Cant be done on large windows

Can be difficult for elderly, or people with arm injuries to use as they require manual turning

Need to be serviced more often that electrics and broken straps cost in excess of $100 to replace

Not as secure as electrics, they can be lifted from the outside by would be thieves easier.




Simple to use switch on the wall located next to the shutters

More secure than manuals

Less likely to require a service


Cant be used when the power is out without an emergency backup UPS system

Can get stuck on objects left under in the way and cause damage




Controlled via the touch of a button in your home,

Can be controlled via a smart phone with an app

No drilling of a hole for a switch in your home

More secure than manuals

Less likely to require a service


Remotes can be dropped and damaged or lost

Cant be used when the power is out without an emergency backup UPS system

Can get stuck on objects left under in the way and cause damage


Smart drive 12v Battery operation


Lift shutters automatically at the touch of a button – even when the power is out

Does not require constant 240v power, the battery can store energy to lift the shutter twice a day for 20-25 days before requiring charging

Good for two story, apartments or jobs where 240v power is not easily accessible

More secure than manuals


Will required replacement of battery eventually with an estimated life span of 3-6years dependent on frequency of use


To get more information about each of the different operating methods available for aluminum Roller Shutters give us a call today

No, if you have awning windows that wind outwards and you bring your Roller Shutters to the down position, then try to open you window the amount the frame will wind out is very limited and most commonly only 20-50mm of opening can be achieved when the roller shutters are installed in reveal and 50-90mm when installed in a Face fit . Because of the thickness of your window frame you will not get much airflow or breeze through at all when you have your Roller Shutter down.

Roller Shutters are installed most commonly in one of two methods Reveal Fit or Face fit

Reveal Fit – This term relates to the box and guides being fitted inside the reveal of the window opening. Reveal is the slimmest fit and the best for preventing break ins because the screws fixed through the tracks are not accessible when the roller shutter is down. It is the most common installation type for window roller shutters in Perth and would be the preferred installation for 90% of the roller shutters we make. Reveal fit is done on most sliding windows and doors. One thing to remember about a reveal fit is that the back of the roller shutter pelmet and first extruded bottom slat will be seen from inside the home when looking outwards. This can take 150-250 mm of space

Face Fit – This term relates to the box and guides of your roller shutter being fitted on the face of your brickwork/walls. Face fit roller shutters are commonly used on awning windows so the window can still fully open when the roller shutter is up. Face fits are also common over door ways, when people may be concerned about knocking their head on the pelmet box if they are quiet tall. Also Face fitted shutters are common on windows with a view and when people do not want to see the back of the roller shutter when it is fully up from inside their home. The roller shutter installation of face fitting is also very common in commercial applications or when fixing roller shutters to enclose and alfresco

All Nu Style Roller Shutters are custom made to suit your home and individual window sizes, although homes appear to have similar or standard sized windows, we prefer to measure each opening to the millimetre ensure the your window Roller Shutters will fit perfect and work functionally.

It typically takes 3-5 days to manufacture standard coloured window roller shutters at our workshop in Malaga from the date of your quotation or check measure. On the same date we measure we can also call into the office and schedule the installation date for your roller shutters. Typically installations are done withing 5-10 days of the quotation and check measure at your home we your selecting a colour from the standard selection range for your roller shutters.

Roller Shutters that are powder coated in custom colours or require special fixing angles and trims from special windows can and additional 5 days bringing the expected installation time to 10-15 days from site measure however this is more often applicable to commercial or very unusual windows.

For people who have recently experienced a break in and are looking to have roller shutters installed urgently we will always be sure to expedite the process and can often measure, manufacture and install within 5 days

The important thing is not to rush! Our manufacturing process has several quality control checks and our installations are done with two certified technicians and a qualified electrician ensuring each job goes correctly the first time.

If you have any questions about manufacturing and turn around times to accommodate a specific date for aluminium roller shutters on your home call us today for more information we will be sure to do our best to help.

By Installing Nu Style Roller Shutters on you home or business you can benefit from:

  • Heat reduction – Stop your home and office becoming uncomfortable in summer by reducing glare and heat when you keep your Nu Style Shutters Down
  • Increased Security – Out of sight, out of mind. Nu Style Shutters help deter would be criminals and stop break-ins keeping your family and valuables safe.
  • Light block out – Perfect for your theater room, newborns, shift workers or anyone looking to catch a few extra Z’s, Nu Style Shutters block out light creating darkness of demand.
  • Noise reduction – Create a ambient atmosphere and reduce unwanted external noises. Nu Style Shutters insulated roller shutters help reduce noise from passing traffic and neighbors.
  • Increased Privacy – Control who can see in and out of your home or business. Create a barrier between yourself and the outside world controlled inside each room.
  • Save Energy – By installing Nu Style Shutters to your home or business you will benefit from reduced heating and cooling through out the year helping save on energy bills.

Nu Style Roller Shutter allow you to control the ambiance of your home whilst offering a superior barrier of defense to your windows and door openings from burglars. Nu Style Shutters are a great solution for protecting your home and business offering multiple benefits at a low value cost. For Perth’s best service, quality and price on aluminium window roller shutters call 1300798776 today.

The Price of aluminium roller shutters is typically calculated per square meter using the height and width of the opening or window, however some information is needed to give an accurate cost.

The 5 things that determine the price of a window roller shutter are

  1. The colour – Selecting a colour that suits your home decor or exterior is important, Our Nu Style shutters are available in 5 standard colours, that match well with White, Cream, Beige, Black and Charcoal tones, alternatively custom colours and powder coating are avalible. Our standard colour range are specially formulated to suit the common colours and decors of Perth homes.
  2. How you wish to control your roller shutter will also make up part of the cost. You can bring roller shutters up and down via manually winding, electric switch, remote control or 12v smart drive. Each diffrent operating cost has a diffrent cost that will be considered to determine the accurate price of your roller shutters
  3. The style of fitting, does your window slide or wind outwards? Awning windows and large doors most commonly are installed in a what we call a Face Fit style and may require a bottom U channel. Sliding windows are often installed in Reveal this is a tighter, slimmer fit and more cost effective. The style of your window, door or opening may attract a different fitting style that could require some fixing angles.
  4. The construction of you home also may effect the price, single story double brick homes are typically the base level installation, however double story or timber studded homes may require a more complex fitting and could effect the price of installing roller shutters on your home.

With all of the above information its fairly easy to work out an accurate price on what it will cost to have roller shutters installed, if you would like an estimate or an accurate free measure and quote, feel free to give us a call today on 1300798776 and we can easy work our how much your roller shutters will cost.

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