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Converting Your Manual Roller Shutters To Electric Shutters

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Love your roller shutters but hate having to put your life on hold while you manually open and close them?  Having trouble with the straps breaking all the time or getting tangled up?  Does your restricted mobility make it difficult to access your roller shutters?  Feel that your home needs a modern update?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then it’s definitely time to consider converting your manual rollers shutters to electric ones.  It’s simple, easy and surprisingly cost-effective and you’ll be amazed at what a difference it makes.

Roller shutters are a top-seller for many reasons and their benefits extend way beyond their security advantages and aesthetic appeal.  They provide excellent insulation, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer, they reduce noise and filter light and they’re excellent for maintaining your privacy.

But many people find that they’re just not getting the full benefit of their roller shutters because of the hassle and time involved in manually winding them up and down – and very often, they simply leave them unused because they can’t be bothered to open and close them.  In some instances, people find they can’t operate their roller shutters because of their impaired physical strength, arthritic hands or restricted mobility around the home.

What’s more, manually opening and closing shutters put a considerable amount of strain on the system’s moving parts and this can lead to ongoing problems with broken straps and pulleys – which is not only frustrating but can turn into costly, frequent repairs.

That’s why converting your manual roller shutters into electric ones makes so much sense.

Check out these advantages of Using Electric Roller Shutters

Convenience.  You won’t have to go from window to window to raise or lower each shutter individually – you can operate the system quickly and easily with the touch of a button.

Great for those with restricted mobility.  Motorised electric shutters are the ideal solution for someone who is unable to move freely around the home.  Many windows are located behind furniture and in tight corners, so when access is tricky and mobility is an issue, the solution is to automate your window shutter system.

Adds value.  Motorised blinds are a modern, attractive feature in a home and can be a point of difference when it comes to sale time.

Low maintenance.  Say goodbye to frequent repair call-outs for broken straps and regular greasing and maintenance.  An electronic system operates at a constant speed enabling smooth, gentle and consistent operation with no excess strain on the parts.

Automatic timer function.  Some electric systems have added features such as a timer function so you can pre-set your roller shutters to open and close every day at the same time.  This adds a whole new dimension to the convenience factor, plus it’s an excellent security feature if you’re not at home.

Versatile power options.   There are several different power options for automated roller shutters including electricity, batteries and solar power.

Improved aesthetics.  Unsightly straps and motor handles are replaced by a simple switch, making them safer to use and giving them a streamlined, more modern appearance.

Better security.  Electric shutters lock the motor when they are fully down, making the window safer and more secure.

Many people don’t realize that converting their manual system to an electronic one is both quick and easy.  Yes, it does require the services of an electrician but if you choose the right installer, they’ll be able to coordinate the whole process to be completed in a matter of hours – sometimes even minutes!

Perth’s leading manufacturer of residential and commercial roller blinds, NuStyle Shutters can convert a roller shutter in only 30 – 60 minutes, depending on the size of the window. Their expert installers do the job quickly and professionally with a minimum of disruption, leaving you to enjoy the convenience and ease of your new automated system.  Nu Style Shutters have been fitted to more than 10 000 buildings in and around Perth and you can find out more by phoning them on 1300 296 820, visiting their new Malaga showroom or through their website, www.nustyleshutters.com.au.

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