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Cafe blinds – Ziptrak® Blinds

Cafe blinds – Ziptrak® Blinds

Install Cafe Blinds on your home with easy to use Ziptrak® Clear PVC blinds at an affordable price.

Offering full weather block out and protection with a simple to operate central locking system, they are easily adjusted to the desired height by hand. Shade your space in summer, or block out rain, wind and bad weather while keeping the heat in during winter for complete environmental control.

Our full block out range of PVC fabrics for Cafe blinds are made with premium Achilles clear and tinted plastic that range from 1-3mm’s in thickness, built to withstand the harsh West Australian weather with superior durability and a long lasting clean look. We have several options of finish available in our PVC Cafe blind range, Clear, Smoked tint, Bronze tint and Black tint available.

Each Ziptrak® contains hi-tension assistance springs inside the axel which help aid and assist with the weight of the blind, while all large blinds are built with a secondary assistance spring.  All Nu Style Ziptrak®  Manual blinds are available with or without the pelmet box to create a stylish look.

Enclose your outdoor area with Cafe style outdoor blinds and create additional space in your home that can be unlisted all year round.

Wide range colour available, set up a time to preview the product sample

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