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6 Things to Watch Out For In a Roller Shutter Warranty

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When you purchase roller shutters, you should expect to receive a warranty which will protect you if your shutters need repair or replacement over a specified timeframe. Unfortunately – and what many customers don’t realise – is that some warranties aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.

How to Spot a Bad Warranty

A warranty is only as good as the company that backs it up. In some cases, we’ve helped disappointed customers whose original company either refused to do warranty work or had changed their business name to avoid fulfilling their warranty obligations.

These unscrupulous businesses mean it is essential you check your warranty and the company behind it, or risk being left with expensive repairs a few years down the track. In particular, we recommend you pay attention to these six areas:

  1. The Age of the Business – Check the business you are dealing with has been in business for at least the length of the warranty they are offering and hasn’t changed business names to dodge their previous warranty responsibilities. If a business has only been in business for six months, how likely is it they’ll still be around in ten years to fix your roller shutter?
  2. The Reputation of the Business – Online reviews are a great source of information regarding a business’s reputation. Key warning signs are a complete lack of reviews or reviews that indicate warranty problems.
  3. Check the ACCC record – If previous customers have had a problem, they may have lodged a complaint with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. Check the record of any company you are dealing with for complaints.
  4. Check the Warranty on the Motor – You should expect to receive a ten-year warranty on your roller shutter’s motor. This is one of the parts that is most likely to need attention, and a shorter warranty (or exclusion from the warranty altogether) is a problem.
  5. Check the Warranty Covers Corrosion – Corrosion is another key problem some companies leave out of the warranty. You should expect to receive a warranty that provides ten years’ protection against corrosion on the roller shutter tracks, pelmet box, and curtain.
  6. Warranty Length – Ten years’ cover is standard for most good companies. However, be wary of businesses that offer unrealistically long cover-periods. A 25-year or unlimited warranty might sound good, but the companies that make them rarely plan on sticking around long enough to fulfill them.

Maintain Your Shutters With Regular Servicing

Roller shutters are a mechanical product with moving parts, and it is expected that over time some parts may need repairing or replacing. To keep your shutters working well and avoid serious problems, we recommend that you have them serviced regularly. Services enable small problems to be spotted and fixed early before they get bigger. Most problems covered under warranty can be fixed on the spot during a service call for no or minimal cost.

Ideally, the company that fitted the blinds should service them, although this isn’t always possible. Unfortunately, we often help customers whose supplier has either gone out of business or is refusing to help them.

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