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How much do roller shutters cost?

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The Price of aluminium roller shutters is typically calculated per square meter using the height and width of the opening or window, however some information is needed to give an accurate cost.

The 5 things that determine the price of a window roller shutter are

  1. The colour – Selecting a colour that suits your home decor or exterior is important, Our Nu Style shutters are available in 5 standard colours, that match well with White, Cream, Beige, Black and Charcoal tones, alternatively custom colours and powder coating are avalible. Our standard colour range are specially formulated to suit the common colours and decors of Perth homes.
  2. How you wish to control your roller shutter will also make up part of the cost. You can bring roller shutters up and down via manually winding, electric switch, remote control or 12v smart drive. Each diffrent operating cost has a diffrent cost that will be considered to determine the accurate price of your roller shutters
  3. The style of fitting, does your window slide or wind outwards? Awning windows and large doors most commonly are installed in a what we call a Face Fit style and may require a bottom U channel. Sliding windows are often installed in Reveal this is a tighter, slimmer fit and more cost effective. The style of your window, door or opening may attract a different fitting style that could require some fixing angles.
  4. The construction of you home also may effect the price, single story double brick homes are typically the base level installation, however double story or timber studded homes may require a more complex fitting and could effect the price of installing roller shutters on your home.

With all of the above information its fairly easy to work out an accurate price on what it will cost to have roller shutters installed, if you would like an estimate or an accurate free measure and quote, feel free to give us a call today on 1300798776 and we can easy work our how much your roller shutters will cost.

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