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How Fast Can Shutters Be Installed?

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You’ve chosen the perfect design, selected a colour that matches your décor, and placed your deposit – all that’s left if to get your shutters installed. But how long is it that going to take?

As Perth’s favourite manufacturer and fitter of roller shutters, we’re pleased to report that deliveries of our standard roller shutters take as few as three days after measurement. Custom, commercial, and other shutters can take a little longer (more on that in a minute), but even then, the vast majority of our customers are delivered and installed within 5-10 days after measurement.

Unlike many of our competitors, we also offer simultaneous installation and electrical connection. This means that your fitting day means just that – by the end of the day, your shutters will be installed and working as intended. Other companies promise installation within ten days but provide the electrical connection separately – sometimes taking weeks! You may even be required to pay the balance before the product is wired and tested – we’d never ask you to do that.

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The Four Main Factors That Influence Installation Time

95% of our jobs are a standard colour profile and a standard installation, which means we can fit in as few as three days after measurement (subject to customer availability). In some circumstances, it may take longer to fit. When this happens it is normally because of one or more of the following factors:

  • Product Selection – Residential-grade shutters are readily available (produced by our factory in Perth). However, Commercial HDF and Extruded Slat profiles can take longer to manufacture as we must order some custom-made parts in from Adelaide.
  • Shutter Colour – Our roller shutters come in several standard colours, designed to complement most Perth homes. If, however, you’d prefer to choose a custom colour, this will increase the delivery time. Custom colours are powder-coated off-site by a specialist team in Bayswater which will increase delivery time by five days.
  • Installation Type – Some custom installations require custom fitting angles. Having these made to order and then professionally powder-coated will increase the delivery time.
  • Your Availability – If you are flexible or can plan ahead a time in which we can fit, we are more likely to be able to deliver and fit quicker. If your availability is very limited, it may take longer to find a time that suits both you and our fitting teams.

How To Reduce Installation Time

We do not arrange production or fitting until our deposit has been paid. To ensure prompt service, please pay your deposit as soon as possible. Additionally, customers who are flexible with their availability are more likely to get a quicker install.

If you have questions about your quote or would like to pay your deposit, please call our team on 1300 798 776.

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