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How to Maintain and Clean Your Ziptrak Blinds

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Regular cleaning and maintenance of your Ziptrak blinds is integral to get the maximum longevity out of your investment and ensure they operating well for years to come. At Nu Style Shutters, we are an accredited and preferred installer of Ziptrak branded guided blinds in Perth. Here’s our guide to keeping your blinds in peak condition.

What Are Ziptrak Blinds?

Designed by a team of Australian engineers, Ziptrak blinds offer superior functionality without compromising on style. With no zips, cords, ropes or wires, Ziptrak blinds are easy to operate, robust and visually unobtrusive, allowing for seamless integration into your outdoor spaces.

Cleaning Your Ziptrak Blinds

Outdoor blinds are continually exposed to the elements so keeping the sunscreen mesh or PVC clean is an important part of maintenance to ensure longevity of the material.

  • Clean the blind guides, metal surfaces and pelmet by using a soft microfiber cloth and warm, soapy water, you can use a small amount of methylated spirits to remove any stubborn dirt on metal surfaces and to buff any light scratches.
  • Clean the PVC skin with a very mild detergent and a sponge as you would your car.
  • PVC is durable however porous and is prone to cutting or being split by sharp edges and knives, so ensure you are treating the surface with care.
  • Be careful to avoid scratching the PVC material with any abrasive cleaners or abrasive cloths.
  • Never use bore water to clean the material, or allow bore water sprinkler systems to hit the blind.
  • Do not use a high-pressure hose to clean the blind from a close distance where the pressure will cut the blind.
  • Do not use full strength window cleaning detergents or soaps or any oil-based products i.e. WD40 or SILICON SPRAY.
  • Ensure bird droppings, dirt or debris are removed as soon as noticed.
  • Always allow the blind to dry before rolling it up, ideally PVC blinds should be dried with a cloth after washing. 

How Often Should I Clean My Ziptrak Blinds?

It is recommended that every 3-6 months you clean your blinds and give them a wash. This will allow you to regularly remove the dirt so that it does not damage or stain your blinds and ensure the PVC or sunscreen mesh is looks good for years to come. Treat the beginning of each new weather season as a good reminder of when you should clean your outdoor blinds.

Other Tips for Keeping Your Ziptrak Blinds in Top Condition

  • When you’re out door ziptrak blinds are first installed leave them down for majority of the first month. This allows the material of the blind to rest, and appropriately adjust to weather conditions.
  • During high winds and stormy weather conditions Ziptrak blinds should be left either fully retracted onto the top tube or partially open to allow movement and to avoid any damage being cause to the blind and even from potential flying debris.
  • During extreme weather events, Ziptrak blinds should be fully retracted onto the top tube.
  • Avoid rolling up blinds, especially 100% block out plastic café style blinds when they are wet or have condensation on the surface. Moisture within the rolled up blind material may cause mould to form.
  • Do not use insecticides or garden sprays near the blind material, they may stain the surfaces or cause deterioration to the blinds.

How to Ensure Smooth Operation

Once your blinds have been cleaned and dried, it’s a good idea to lubricate the tracks. Although Ziptrak blinds should not require much maintenance for smooth operation, in dusty environments lubricant will assist in the continued smooth track-guided operation of the blind. The use of a food grade silicon spray or a can of recommended WURTH anti-static silicon spray (available for purchase from www.nustyleshutters.com.au) is recommended. Start by lowering the blinds all the way to the ground, and then apply the silicon spray in the groove between the spline tape and the track. Open and close the blinds several times after application, this will spread the silicon evenly within the track.

Note: Do not use any oil based lubricants such as WD40. These will damage the spline tape and clog the dust inside the track.

Ziptrak blinds are a considerable investment so you will want them to last as long as possible and look great for years to come. To get the most out of your blinds it’s important to undertake regular maintenance and cleaning especially with the salty conditions we find commoly near the cost in Perth. If you need more advice on maintaining your Ziptrak blinds or if you are considering installing Ziptrak blinds in your home, give the experienced team at Nu Style Shutters a call today. With friendly service and professional advice and over 10 years’ experience fitting outdoor blinds, there’s no better place for Ziptrak blinds in Perth. Contact us today.

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