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How To Prepare Your Aluminium Shutters And Outdoor Blinds For A Storm

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How To Prepare Your Aluminium Shutters And Outdoor Blinds For A Storm

The weather in Western Australia is notorious for being harsh at times. Conditions can quickly change from pleasant and comfortable to hot and dry, or stormy with strong winds. These adverse conditions can cause a lot of damage to our homes. Fortunately, products like aluminium shutters and outdoor blinds provide great protection against elements like wind, hail and sunlight.

During storms, these products act as protective barriers between the home and the elements by keeping debris clear of the home, protecting outdoor furniture and patios, and shielding windows which are especially vulnerable during a storm. But over time, continuous exposure to the environment, and especially storms, may cause damage TO your aluminium shutters and outdoor blinds. Storms can cause rust, tears and fading, which not only changes the appearance of the products, but also have a negative effect on their structural integrity, functionality and longevity. With some preparation and care most of these issues can be avoided and owners can keep their outdoor blinds looking and functioning like new for much longer.

The best defence against a storm is to continually keep your blinds and shutters in a good condition. The heating or cooling that happens during weather changes causes the material in these products to expand or contract, which leaves them vulnerable. To avoid damage during these incidents, it is important to regularly check that your outdoor blinds or shutters are securely fixed and that no screws or other parts have come loose. Remind yourself to check the various parts of your outdoor shutters or blinds every time you clean it, and also after every storm.

There are also additional measures to take if you happen to see a storm approaching or hear a severe weather warning on the radio. Aluminium shutters should be left in the full down position to ensure they provide the ultimate protection to your house and assist in the prevention of hail or flying debris damaging your windows. On the other hand, outdoor blinds should be brought up fully regardless of model. This is especially important during very windy periods where there is a severe weather warning, as leaving the blind fabric down creates a large area of exposure and the effect of a giant sail, strong winds can easily damage or tear the tracks away from your outdoor blinds, which can be costly to repair or replace.

It is always wise to give your aluminium shutters and outdoor blinds some extra care once the storm has passed. Wipe the products with a damp cloth to remove any debris or dirt and dry all the parts thoroughly to prevent rust and mould from forming in damp spots. Also visually inspect that nothing had been blown by the storm into the tracks or area that the blind closes onto potentially causing the fabric to get caught

The first step to ensuring that your aluminium shutters or outdoor blinds will remain in good shape, despite the weather and your lifestyle, is choosing quality products from a leading supplier such as Nu Style Shutters. They are manufacturers of custom-designed outdoor blinds and aluminium shutters in Perth. All of their products are made from premium grade and quality materials that not only stand strong against the Western Australian climate, but look stylish and help keep your home’s temperature comfortable during summer or winter. For more information on their range of products visit their website, or call 1300 798 776 today.

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