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4 Signs Your Roller Shutters Require Repairs

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Roller shutters are built to be tough and to withstand damage, protecting your home or business from thieves and the elements. Built to last for decades, it’s not unlikely that they’ll sustain damage and need repairing during their lifetime. This blog post will help you care for your roller shutters, spot when it’s time to call in a repair visit and provide tips for extending their life through basic maintenance.

4 Signs and Symptoms That a Repair Visit Is Needed

You should book a visit with a repair technician if you recognize any of the following problems:

1. Someone Tried to Break In

Your roller shutters are your primary defence against burglary, so any would-be thieves are likely to test them for weaknesses. Even if the attack wasn’t successful, they may still have caused damage or attempted to tamper with them. Check your roller shutters carefully after any such incident. If in doubt, schedule a maintenance call to assess them and ensure they are in full working order.

2. Operation Becomes Difficult

Any change in the ease with which you can raise and lower your shutters is a key sign that they may require an inspection. These types of problems can get worse over time: it is cheaper to fix them sooner rather than later.

3. Change In Motor Sounds

If you use an electric motor to raise and lower your shutters, it is worth keeping an ear out for any changes in pitch or volume. Even if the motor continues to work, a change in the sound it makes is a clue that all is not right.

4. Visible Structural Damage

Finally, any significant visible structural damage is a clear sign a repair is needed. Dents may impair both the strength and the usability of the shutter, weakening it and reducing the protection it provides your home or business. If your shutters are old, you may also see signs of rust, corrosion developing.

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How to Prevent Damage To Your Roller Shutters

While it’s not always possible to prevent damage – factors such as the weather and criminal damage are out of your control – there are things you can do to keep your shutters in good working order:

  • Preventative MaintenanceAnnual maintenance checks by a trained professional can spot and solve small issues before they become significant problems.
  • Keep Them Clean – Over time, dirt and grime can build up and have a negative effect on your roller shutters. Occasional cleaning will prevent this from becoming an issue.
  • Keep Tracks Clear of Obstructions – Keep the area beneath your shutters clear; attempting to close a shutter when there is an obstruction may cause it to sustain damage.

Is It Time To Upgrade?

While repairs are possible for most problems, there comes a time when you need to think about a replacement. Older shutters may no longer meet to modern standards, offering a weaker level of protection for your home or business. When weakened further by damage or age, it may no longer be practical to keep using them.

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