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Are Outdoor Blinds Suitable For Perth Weather Conditions?

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The City of Perth, renowned for its sunny days, conceals a challenging climate underneath. It’s Australia’s sunniest city, exposing residents to intense UV rays, coupled with being one of the windiest cities globally. Protecting your Perth home becomes imperative in this deceptively harsh weather. Let’s delve a bit into Perth weather before we go into how to protect your home.

Perth & Its Weather

Perth is mainly known for its heat, those 40-degree days ring a bell to those who are familiar with Perth. The average temperature range is between 17.5 – 30°C, but the heat is frequent, with January and February often reaching the mid 30’s on a regular basis. But the heat isn’t the only extreme. Perth is the windiest city in Australia and the third windiest city in the world, Perth also receives significant rainfall during winter, with an average of 397.3 mm (15.64 in), on 47.6 rain days, between June and August. Basically, your home needs protection from the Perth weather, no matter how pretty it is. Let’s explore the myriad ways to fortify your home against the elements.

Our Electrifying Alfresco Outdoor Blinds

Nu-Style Shutters presents an extensive array of exclusive slimline Alfresco electric outdoor blinds, tailored to shield your outdoor spaces from Perth’s varied climate for year-round enjoyment.

Our Universal Blinds offer unparalleled functionality and style, boasting the capability to span up to 6 metres seamlessly in a single, slimline piece. With a sleek design featuring smooth curves and a discreet track and guide system, these blinds effortlessly complement the aesthetics of any home while providing essential protection from Perth’s unique weather conditions. Crafted uniquely for each space, customisation options abound, with a wide selection of powder-coated paints and woven fabric colours at your disposal. Experience the perfect blend of outdoor comfort and weather resistance as you enjoy uninterrupted views and shelter in your alfresco area, patio, or balcony. Say goodbye to cumbersome mechanisms; the user-friendly, remote-controlled 240v electric motor operation simplifies raising and lowering the blinds, empowering you to effortlessly curate the ambience of your outdoor entertaining areas.

Alternatively, our Galaxy Blinds, with the smallest pelmet size starting at 100mm (depending on blind size), offer unparalleled versatility and aesthetic appeal. These blinds boast an impressive capability, reaching heights of up to 3 metres and widths of 4.4 metres. In comparison to other outdoor blinds on the market, which commonly feature pelmet sizes ranging from 135mm to 175mm, our Nu-Style Galaxy blinds stand out for their innovative design and adherence to strict production standards. As fabricators, we not only manufacture our own blinds but also source raw materials from Ziptrak, ensuring quality and consistency in every product. Unlike many others in Perth who subcontract manufacturing, our in-house fabrication process enables heightened efficiency for our customers and protects you from Perth weather all year round. 

Ziptrak Blinds

Ziptrak, the original track-guided outdoor blind system, conceived by Australians for Australian weather, provides a sealed blind system shielding your patio and furniture from wind, rain, dust, glare, and insects. These weatherproof blinds serve as the ideal solution for safeguarding your home from the elements.

Moreover, Ziptrak blinds offer protection against unwanted guests, allowing you to enjoy extended hours outdoors without resorting to toxic bug repellants. Nu-Style Shutters, an accredited and authorised fabricator of Ziptrak guided blinds for Western Australia, has completed over 5000 professional installations, ensuring homes stay safe amidst Perth’s harsh environment.

Crank Handle Blinds

Perth’s reputation isn’t solely confined to its sunshine; it’s also renowned for its relentless winds (hello, 3 p.m. sea breeze!). Thankfully, our Crank Handle Blinds have come to the rescue! These simple, cost-effective shade blinds offer protection from the sun and wind without compromising your view. Crafted with quality fabric from the HVG Visiontex range, our crank handle blinds reduce heat transmission, provide UV protection, and resist mildew and saltwater, ensuring durability and longevity. Operating them is a breeze with just a turn of the crank pole, requiring no track guides or posts for installation and offering uninterrupted views..

nu style crank handle outdoor blinds

Protecting Your Home With Cantilevers

The demand for reliable and stylish shade solutions is evident in the Perth community and is gaining momentum. This has led to brands like Urban Maintenance WA and their state-of-the-art cantilevers, made to protect your home from the elements and save the day (and our homes). With their modern, minimalist design and innovative cantilever system, they offer a solution that not only shields from the harsh elements but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of any space. Its weatherproof and maintenance-free features ensure longevity and peace of mind, while its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. Say goodbye to obstructive views and hello to a sleek and efficient shelter solution with Urban Maintenance, your cantilever specialists.

Outdoor Galaxy, Crank Handle And Universal Blinds Are Your Nu-Style Solution

Safeguarding your Perth home against the elements is imperative given the city’s unique climate challenges. From intense UV rays to gusty winds, securing your outdoor areas is paramount for year-round enjoyment. At Nu-Style Shutters, we understand the importance of finding the perfect solution to protect your home while enhancing your outdoor living experience.

With our extensive range of outdoor blinds, including Galaxy Blinds, Universal blinds, Ziptrak Blinds, and Crank Handle Blinds, we offer innovative and reliable options to suit every need. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship ensures that your blinds not only withstand Perth’s harsh weather conditions but also add style and elegance to your outdoor space.

Choose reliability, durability, and style—choose Nu-Style Shutters for all your outdoor blind needs, whether it’s the sunniest days or the windiest afternoons. Let us help you create a comfortable and inviting outdoor oasis where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of Perth’s landscape without worrying about the weather. For more information, feel free to contact us or read our blog.

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