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Woven Mesh Vs Block Out Plastic Blinds – Which is Better?

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If you are wanting to make better use of your alfresco spaces, you may have thought about installing outdoor blinds, but with so many options and suppliers on the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when working out which ones would be best for you. Nu Style shutters are the leading supplier of high quality outdoor blinds, Ziptrak blinds and café blinds in Perth, and we have been helping Perth homes stay cool and comfortable with premium quality roller shutters, outdoor blinds and other shading products for over 20 years. We often get asked which blinds are better – PVC or woven mesh? Read on to find out about more about each one to help you determine which type might be the best solution for your home.

What Are Woven Mesh Outdoor Blinds?

Made from a high tensile polyester weave fabric that lets air flow through while blocking sun and glare, woven mesh outdoor blinds are a perfect solution for pergolas, patios or any type of outdoor living area. Without the need for zips or ropes, they are easy to use and come in a range of colours to suit any style of home.

The benefits of woven mesh blinds:

  • Transparent woven mesh design allows a clear view of outside while still blocking sun, wind rain and insects
  • They provide privacy from the outside looking in during the day, and at night it’s the opposite – you can’t see through from inside, but you can from out
  • Durable and more resistant to scratching and staining, meaning they look better for longer
  • Great aesthetic appeal – available in a wide variety of colours to suit any décor or colour scheme
  • The choice of electric or manual operation
  • Even constant use and exposure to the elements will not cause shade weave to warp, meaning you’ll enjoy years of use from these blinds
  • The mesh fabric regulates the air temperature as it passes through, keeping the enclosed space at an even, comfortable temperature
  • They are also lockable, with a sturdy locking mechanism holding the blinds closed
  • Standard woven mesh outdoor blinds also block a high degree of wind and rain (up to about 96%). For extra protection, they are available in a 99% version which allows 1% of airflow or a 100% version which blocks all airflow and water.

What Are Outdoor PVC Blinds?

Outdoor PVC blinds, also known as plastic blinds, cafe or bistro blinds, are exterior blinds made from high quality PVC material. Available in 3 tints, clear, smoke or bronze, they block rain and wind from entering a space while allowing a clear, unobstructed view to the outside.

The benefits of PVC outdoor blinds:

  • They provide full weather protection, keeping heat inside during winter and shading your space in summer
  • Being transparent, you will have a clear view of your outside area at all times
  • Available with or without a pelmet box to create a stylish look

Constructed from imported, top quality materials, our PVC outdoor blinds and custom cut to size locally and professionally plastic welded to ensure they not only look fantastic but last a long time.

Are there any disadvantages?

  • As they block airflow, humidity can become a problem
  • They are not suited to electric operation, manual only
  • They may scratch and stain easier than woven mesh blinds

Which Material is Better?

The answer all depends on the aesthetic and type of protection you are looking for. If you want to block gusty winds and rain whilst ensuring a clear view outside, PVC blinds are a great option. If you want to block sun and glare, have a little extra privacy and allow airflow to regulate the inside temperature, woven mesh materials will be most effective. For residential use, we recommend woven mesh Ziptrak outdoor blinds, they are the ideal choice for creating a fully enclosed area at an affordable price. For commercial use such as in a café or restaurant PVC blinds are a cost-effective and attractive solution.

If you would like more information, professional advice or a free quotation for outdoor blinds for your home or business, get in touch with Nu Style Shutters today on 1300 798 776 or enquire online now.

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