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Beat the Heat with Outdoor Blinds

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Cranking up the air conditioning is usually the first thing may homeowners do to stay cool when summer rolls around, however, air conditioning systems consume large amounts of energy, meaning much higher utility bills and a significant impact on the environment. Nu Style Shutters is the trusted choice for custom made shutters and outdoor blinds in Perth. Many people don’t realise that quality outdoor blinds made from premium fabrics and positioned correctly can make a huge difference to the internal temperature of a home. So, here we will look at how installing outdoor blinds can help with climate control in your home during a long, hot WA summer.

Outdoor Blinds Help to Stop Heat from Entering Your Home

While the concept of outdoor blinds has been around for many years, modern innovations and technology advancements has seen them come a long way from the old canvas and plastic types that were used mainly for wind and rain protection. Premium mesh fabrics can block heat and light whilst providing the right amount of ventilation to cool your space down.

By opening and closing at the right times, there are many ways in which outdoor blinds can help with temperature control. The main one is the regulation of the amount of sunlight and associated heat that is able to enter the home. When outdoor blinds are open, more sun light and heat can enter the home and make the interior hotter. Keeping your outdoor blinds closed during hot days can help keep the home cool and help conserve energy.

What is the Most Efficient Way to Use Outdoor Blinds?

It’s all well and good to install outdoor blinds, but choosing the right type to suit your needs and knowing how to use them correctly is another thing.

  • Blinds should be made professionally and custom sized to fit the exact space required.
  • Outdoor blinds are available in a range of styles, crank handle, ZIptrak and café blinds to name a few. Different blinds are suited for different applications and consideration should be given to ensure the right style is chosen to allow for maximum weather protection and airflow.
  • High quality fabrics that are optimised for sun protection should be selected.
  • Automation or smart home integration are easy ways of ensuring outdoor blinds are raised and lowered that appropriate times of day to allow for optimal levels of light and airflow.

On those days where it is warm but with a breeze, it’s a good idea to keep outdoor blinds open slightly, as this may allow for a small amount of air circulation to that will help to cool the house down.

The Colour of Your Outdoor Blinds Can Have a Big Impact

Lighter coloured fabrics are generally more effective at keeping a home cool as they are better at reflecting light away from the house. White, beige, cream and light grey are all great options for outdoor blinds that will be predominantly used in summer for heat protection. Darker colours do have some benefits as well, they are known to maximise eye comfort, enhance the view and can offer a significant level of shade. Before deciding on a colour, it’s best to seek advice from a professional outdoor blinds manufacturer as they will be able to provide expert guidance.

Automation Ensures Stress-Free Operation in Summer

Many outdoor blinds can now be automated and used in conjunction with smart home systems. This means that you can set your blinds to open and close at particular times throughout the day. When the sun is at its hottest, your blinds will be closed for maximum insulation. When a cool change happens, simply use your smart device to open up your blinds to allow for cool air to flow through.

For the Best Outdoor Blinds, Perth Homes and Businesses Choose Nu Style Shutters

If you would like to have more control over the temperature of your home, outdoor blinds are a cost-effective and easy solution that will keep your home cooler, enabling you to reduce your usage of expensive air conditioning systems. Get in touch with us today by calling 1300 798 776 or enquire online now.

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