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Cost-Effective Tips for Keeping Your Home Cooler in Summer

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While summer is synonymous with trips to the beach and backyard barbeques, sometimes it’s just too hot to be outside. On those scorching summer days the best solution is often to spend the day indoors, but there isn’t going to be much relief from the sun if the inside of your home is hot too! Nu Style Shutters is one of WA’s favourite suppliers of high quality window shutters, roller shutters and other shading solutions that will help protect your home from the elements, provide a layer of insulation and add value to your property. Here we will explore some simple tips that you can follow to keep your home pleasant inside this summer, and the best part, these will also help to keep your energy bills low!

Block the Heat from Entering Your Home

While it might sound obvious, if sun comes in through your windows it’s going to warm up your house. Using internal and external window coverings to their full advantage throughout the hottest part of the day can help to keep your house cooler by blocking the sun’s heat from entering. This is particularly helpful in rooms that face west.

Blinds and curtains are great for the interior of your home, and other great option is plantation shutters. These can be adjusted to block as little or as much sunlight as you like and can provide excellent ventilation when adjusted correctly. External roller shutters can make a significant difference to the internal temperature of your home. When completely closed, they form an extremely effective layer of insulation that stops the warm air from penetrating through the window and heating up the rooms inside. Less warm air inside, means less reliance on air conditioning so you can save on cooling costs, even in the peak of summer.

Ensure Your Home Is Properly Insulated

Insulation isn’t something exciting to spend money on, after all, no one will ever see it. However, it’s essential to ensure your home is adequately insulated as it will save you significant money in the long term. As heat flows from a hotter place to a cooler place (from a hot summer day outside to a nice air conditioned house inside), a lack of insulation will result in heat pouring into your house and your air conditioner having to work a lot harder to maintain the temperature. There are many contractors who can come and assess your insulation and install the right type insulation in the right places for the best result.

An excellent way to provide an additional layer of insulation is with custom roller shutters. Windows are the main source of heat gain (and heat loss) in a home. As mentioned earlier, roller shutters will cover the windows, blocking a huge amount of heat and sunlight from passing through.

Close Doors and Seal Gaps

Close doors to rooms you don’t use much, as this will help to keep cool air where you need it most and ensure you aren’t wasting power and money cooling unused spaces. Older homes often have gaps around windows and doors, and while these may look insignificant, having many gaps can allow for a lot of heat to seep in. Try to seal these gaps as much as possible. You can purchase sealants from a local hardware store that will do the job.

Plant Foliage Outside Your Home

While trees don’t grow over night, by planning your garden and maintaining it throughout the cooler months, it can result in excellent shady garden beds full of greenery that can help to keep your home cooler. Tress in full bloom can block an exceptional amount of solar radiation from entering your home. Not only will this help to keep your energy bills lower, you are doing your bit to help the environment even further by planting extra trees. 

Install Roller Shutters and See the Difference It Can Make to Your Home in Summer

Custom roller shutters from Nu Style Shutters will enable you to be in control of your environment, ensuring your home stays cool during the hot Perth summer with their superior insulation. Get a free quote online now or get in touch with our team by calling 1300 798 776 today.

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