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Expert Advice On How to Maintain Your External Roller Shutters

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Quality Nu Style Roller Shutters are a valuable investment to any home. They provide security against burglary, insulation to prevent hot and cold transfers, reduce noise, and increase privacy while also giving you full light control. Nu Style Roller Shutters come in a variety of styles that can complement your home’s overall appearance. To keep your shutters in great working order and looking the best all year round here are a few tricks.

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  • Keep your shutters clean! The majority of service call outs for shutters that are jamming or not closing properly are due to excess build-up of dirt and dust. If your home or windows are prone to frequent dirt and dust carried by wind in the area, it is recommended that you wash your roller shutters every 4 months. Simply move the shutters to the vented position, spray with a hose and wipe down with a soapy sponge the same you would do with your car.
  • Avoided sticky lubricants. Try not to spray sticky or silicon based products down the tracks as they will attract dirt. There are lubricant sprays available from your local hardware that carry an anti-static, which are a better option.  Spray a small amount up and down the guides and onto the white plastic clips located at the top of each track on existing shutters annually to help keep them running free and smoothly. This generally is only recommended on shutters older than 10 years.
  • Polish any scratches or blemishes to the paint work of any of your shutter components with methylated spirits. It won’t affect the paint, but will remove the dirt, grime, bringing up a nice shine on the product.
  • Avoided leaving items on your window sills or under shutters. This will cause the shutter to gather on itself and cause the up and down limits to move out of place, or worse physically cause the slats to bend, dent or damage. It is important after a storm to check that no items from your back yard have been blown by strong weather under your roller shutters.
  • Check the batteries! More than 50% percent of roller shutters sold in Perth are 240 v Electric models with a receiver and wireless remote handset.  Remote shutters contain a small battery to send the single to the motors. If the light stops working on your handset it is most likely the battery has stopped working. For instructions on how to open your handset or if you need a new battery give us a call, or stop into our factory in Malaga.
  • Use your shutters. Similar to a car engine, if you let them sit without operation for two long they may cease up. Regular use is recommended at least once a week to keep them in good working order

Manual Shutters are prone to wear and tear. If you have a broken strap or jammed manual winder box on any make or model of shutter, we are able to repair this for you. Alternatively if you have had enough of winding up manual shutters or continually replacing the strap – consider converting to electric roller shutters. We provide a one-hour installation and electrical conversion service for electric roller shutters. Seniors discounts are available on all roller shutter servicing and conversion in the Perth Metro Area

If something is wrong with your window roller shutters please call us, and we can arrange a service at your house at time that best suits you. At Nu Style Shutters, we have a dedicated service specialist team that is not only trained in maintenance and repairs of our window roller shutters but is experienced with all models and makes.  CALL 1300 798 776 today if your shutter needs fixing.

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