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Your Questions On Roller Shutter Extras Answered

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Investing in new roller shutters for your home can be a big purchase, so it’s understandable that most consumers want to do plenty of research before they move ahead with their order. One of the most common topics we get questions on are the extras you can purchase alongside your roller shutters. We’ve grouped the most common questions here and provided our expert answers.

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What Extras Are Available For NuStyle Shutters?

We provide a wide range of extras that improve the security, ease-of-use, and visual appearance of your shutters:

  • Remote control upgrades and key fob remote controls.
  • Master handsets for controlling all remote units at once.
  • Security U-sections which make it harder for criminals to break-in.
  • 12v battery-operated motors, perfect for areas that are prone to blackouts.
  • Emergency UPS which allows the use of 240v motors in the case of a power outage.
  • Coloured stripes and patterns (available for no extra charge).
  • Powder-coating in a choice of more than 100 colours.

If you are unsure which extras are right for you, please ask us – we’d be happy to advise you on what would be most useful for your situation.

Are Any of The Extras Must-Haves?

No. Our 240v switched Roller Shutters are a high-quality product by themselves and come in a great variety of standard colours. All the extras increase utility in some way, but none are essential.

The one exception to this statement is that some commercial customers may be required to have security extras by their insurance.

What Extras Do You Highly Recommend?

Remote upgrades significantly increase convenience and are a very popular upgrade. This is especially true for shutters used in bedrooms and living rooms, where you may not want to keep getting up and down to open or close your shutters. Additionally, a master handset is a great way to secure all your shutters at night and when you leave at home – otherwise you must check every room.

For commercial applications, we recommend key fobs and either battery backups or 12v motors, so that it’s always easy to gain access to your property regardless of the availability of power. For many businesses, the security upgrades will also be appropriate.

Are There Different Remotes To Purchase And How Do They Differ?

Yes. Standard remotes are programmed to open and close a specific blind. For example, you might have a standard remote in your bedroom, so you can open and close your blinds without getting out of bed.

Master remotes have 16 channels and allow operation of multiple blinds individually or all together at the same time. This is useful for opening and closing lots of blinds at once when you go out or go to bed.

Will Custom Powder-Coating Affect Manufacturing Time?

Yes, powder-coating will increase manufacturing time. All our powder-coating is done offsite at a professional powder-coater we partner with in Bayswater. The shutters have to be sent from our workshop in Malaga to Bayswater, painted, and then sent back again. This process adds up to 7 days to the standard manufacturing time (1-3 days) for a total of 8-11 days.

In our experience, the wait is absolutely worth it – the custom powder-coating really makes your blinds stand out.

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