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How Roller Shutters help protect your property in Australia’s harsh weather

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Every West Aussie has a story of the harshness of Western Australian weather over the decades, from; weeks of relentless rain to cascading cyclones along the coastline and devastating bushfires. Some may even recall ‘The Great Hail Storm of 2010’ when hailstones the size of oranges rained on cars and homes across Perth and surrounds. One common theme for all these WA weather events is the “would I be prepared for the next one?” anxiety and the inevitable insurance claim and costly repairs that follow. Luckily, those with roller shutters in Perth have a little less to worry about than their neighbours without.

Roller shutters and reinforced doors not only provide security to the overall structure of your property, but also improve its ability to withstand the harsher climate conditions Western Australia is famous for. Nu-Style Shutters range includes plantation shutters, security doors & grills and outdoor blinds suitable for residential homes and commercial properties that are effective against wind, rain, sun, and fire.

Nu-Style Shutters product range are proven products, tested for WA homes, and fit for purpose.

Cyclone Shutters and Blinds – Stop Damaging Debris

Our roller shutters’ lightweight aluminium and polyurethane foam design acts as a buffer, insulating and strengthening your home’s windows from forceful wind damage.

For those living in cyclone-prone areas, we also have a range of commercial roller shutters that are approved to a Category 3 Cyclone Rating and firmly keep the elements outside. This means your home or business is protected against wind speeds of 47 m/s (or a massive 169.2 km/h)!

Installing roller shutters against wind damage means that you can rest easy while the wildest of winds rage on outside. As a home/business owner, it’s your best defence to protect your family and or business.

Bushfire Shutters – Protection Against Stray Embers

Bushfires are a harrowing enough experience to live through without the worry of window breakage from the intense heat and placing you at serious risk of catching alight. In WA, bushfires can reach radiant temperatures of up to 11000C. Nu-Style Shutters offer you a protective barrier against bushfires, buying you precious time to enact your fire safety plan. Our Commercial Shutters have been tested by the CSIRO under bushfire simulated conditions to withstand extreme radiant heat and stop embers from entering your home or business.

Roller Shutters in Heavy Rain – Waterproof Your Home

When it rains in WA, it pours. Our exterior shutters are waterproofed to minimise corrosion of the materials and electronics during extreme wet weather. Expertly fitted installation seals also minimise condensation and moisture from creeping into your home, reducing the risk of mould and damp by providing that additional layer of insulation. That way you can put your feet up during those drenching winter months and keep dry.

About Nu-Style Shutters

Established in 2003, we are a family-owned Perth roller shutter business providing a service that is customised to order with a full range of colours to choose from. It’s as easy as enquire, quote and order your Nu-Style shutters. Not sure what you are looking for? Why not stop into one of Nu-Style Shutters showrooms for a coffee or tea, or book an appointment with one of our reps for some professional advice.

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