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Install Roller Shutters for Summer to Help Your Kids Sleep Better

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Summer is almost here, and as parents, most of us would generally welcome the longer days as it allows children to spend a little more time outside in the evening. However, with younger children there is a downside in that the longer daylight hours and changing of the times due to daylight saving can interfere with their little body clocks and their sleeping habits. There is an easy solution to help your kids get to sleep earlier and sleep more comfortably throughout summer – roller shutters. Nu Style Shutters is Perth’s leading supplier of quality commercial and residential roller shutters. Read on to see why you need to install roller shutters to help your kids get to sleep and sleep soundly during summer.

Summer Can Affect Children’ Sleep Patterns

Sleep is often one of the most disrupted routines in the summer as children are often permitted to go to bed later and sleep in later. Babies, children, and teens need significantly more sleep than adults to support their rapid mental and physical development. While there is no hard and fast rule, generally toddlers need around 12 hours of sleep a night, children aged three to six – 10-12 hours, seven-12 years olds – 10-11 hours. These guidelines don’t take a break during summer so it’s highly important to implement strategies to maintain your child’s sleeping habits.

Why Roller Shutter Are the Answer

Roller shutters block out the sun – Shutters are perfect for blocking out light for day time naps and earlier bed times during the long summer evenings. They are completely solid, meaning when down fully, sunshine won’t peak through so bedrooms will be dark encouraging little eyes to close and stay closed.

Roller shutters have amazing noise cancellation properties – While a dark room is crucial for better sleep, it is also important that a room allows children to sleep soundly without any disturbances from outside noises. Installing roller shutters provides extra insulation from noises outside including noisy neighbours hosting Christmas parties, barking dogs or general traffic.

Roller shutters have insulating properties that help with temperature control – It’s a fact that a room that is either too hot or too cold can disturb sleep. It’s important to maintain a comfortable temperature in your child’s bedroom so that you don’t need to constantly adjust the thermostat or their blankets at night. Shutters block out heat, not only will this insulation help you keep bedrooms at a comfortable temperature for sleep, but you can also save money your utility bills.

Other Benefits of Installing Roller Shutters for Summer

Not only will roller shutters ensure better sleep for the whole family, there are many other advantages including:

  • You will save money on your energy bills by reducing air conditioning consumption
  • Modern roller shutters will cover and protect your doors and windows during severe storms or tropical cyclones that are frequent during summer
  • Enhance the exterior facade of your home for summer entertaining
  • Deter any would-be thieves from breaking in while you take a summer holiday

Roller shutters are the perfect solution for any Perth home looking to increase security, improve thermal insulation, protect against extreme weather and create perfect sleeping conditions for kids and adults alike. Cost-effective and visually appealing, browse our range of quality outdoor shutters today and discover how high-quality roller shutters are the perfect addition to your windows and doors. Call us today on 1300 798 776.

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