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Irresistible Reasons To Make Perth Your Home

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Great Reasons To Move West, To Perth

It’s no secret that Perth is the place to buy property right now. There has been a major influx of people moving from the Eastern States to the West Coast.  It’s hard to resist with endless beaches, beautiful blue skies and easy to understand why so many are flocking to Perth. After all, Perth born band Birds of Tokyo wrote a song about it, as well as many others. So Let’s delve into why Perth is one of the most suitable places for living in Australia and how to protect yourself and your home with the help of companies like Nu Style Shutters.

Perth: Where Endless Summers Are A Way Of Life

Western Australia’s, Perth stands out for it’s multitude of offerings from mild winters, honest sunshine, coast to coast beaches, proximity to wine regions, national parks, and camping grounds to name a few. It is hard to narrow them down, but we will give it a go and try to paint a picture as to what life in Perth would be like.

Sunshine Nearly All Year Round

No more cloudy days! WA boasts the sunniest capital city in Australia. For nearly three quarters of the year, there’s clear blue skies, making it stand out from other capital cities, thats approximately six weeks of rain minimum! Perth’s climate is also one of the best, with it being reasonably warm all year round, making it easy for its residents to get their Vitamin D fix and go for a wonder. 

Endless Stretches Of White Sands Pristine Waters And Great Surf

With 19 unique beaches to choose from, you can easily find the perfect spot to live minutes from the CBD, each with its own charm and character. These charming shorelines serve as popular attractions, with locals frequenting the west coast drive daily, morning, noon and night. The West’s climate ensures that almost every day is beach-friendly, making it a haven for those seeking the comforts of water via a refreshing sunset swim, surf, boat ride or a leisurely outing with friends on the sand. With such an abundance of picturesque ocean sunsets as your backdrop, you will feel like you are in paradise. A great way to make the rellies jealous, especially when you mention the square foot size of your new digs.

Living Costs That Won’t Break The Bank

Living day-to-day in Perth presents a distinct advantage in terms of affordability when compared to major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Furthermore, the city offers cost-effective public transportation, and noteworthy is the recent initiative by the state government to make it free during festive season. With abundant agriculture booming in The Great South, there are cheaper and healthier options available at your local markets.

Notably, Perth stands out as the most economical choice for homebuyers, with housing prices significantly lower than the national average. The average house price in Perth is $660,790. To put this into perspective, Adelaide has a median house price of $723,536, while Sydney’s average house price is more than double that in Perth, climbing to $1.48 million in September. Opting to buy a house in Perth not only translates to affordability but also ensures value for your investment.

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Perth: The Ideal Place For Your Roller Shutters

To emerse yourself in the Perth culture, you need to make sure your house is protected from the harsh summer and winter elements. You have to have the best roller shutters and blinds to keep yourself, and your home, safe from the hot Perth sun. 

One of Perths leading roller shutter company is Nu Style Shutters. We are a 100% WA-owned company who has been manufacturing, installing and serving roller shutters, outdoor blinds and plantation shutters. With over 50,000 shutters fitted for families and businesses, we are proud to provide comfort and security through our products to our clients. 

Delivering high-quality products and services to our clients are at the forefront of our minds. We make our products at our Malaga factory so we can have full control over the manufacturing process and quality – to make sure our final product protects your home from hail, wind or shine.

Are You Picturing A Life In Perth Now?

If you’re thinking about reclocating to Perth, feel free to contact us. Once you are settled in, we can provide you with a free measurement and consultation to help you make the best decisions for your new Perth home. You can also grab a brochure from our office in Malaga and have a chat with one of our team members to find the right product for you. Discover more about our range of products and their value in our blog

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