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Keep Warm This Winter with Roller Shutters

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Offering a stylish aesthetic that will suit any home, roller shutters are the perfect window dressing solution for every room in the house. Allowing you to control the light entering a room, they can boost privacy and security, and are also durable, waterproof and flame resistant. While all of these benefits are great, one of the best advantages of roller shutters is their ability to keep your home warmer during the cold winter months.

Stop Heat Loss Through Your Windows

During winter, the biggest culprit that leaves your house in an icy freeze is glass windows and doors, in fact up to 25% of all heat in the house is lost via its windows. The best way to combat this is to create an insulation barrier between the glass and the interior, and there’s no better way than with roller shutters.

Shutters Will Keep Heat Inside and Reduce Energy Costs

Installing window shutters offers an extra dimension of thermal protection by insulating your vulnerable glass windows. With easy user control, the slats can easily be adjusted to either open, closed and partially open positions depending on the time of day meaning you can open them up during the afternoon to let the warm winter sun filter into your home and then close them at night keeping that warm air in and the cold air out. A natural benefit of properly insulating your home is that your energy costs will become lower, so window shutters are a great investment that can bring you noticeable savings on your energy bills.

How Do Shutters Work?

Thicker than curtains and blinds, shutters essentially boost the thickness value of your windows to the status of double or triple glazing. A layer of air is trapped between the shutters and the glass, providing excellent insulation and helping to maintain a pleasant temperature within the house. At Nu Style Shutters, our roller shutters are also injected with poly Urethane, giving them the ability to slow the transfer of heat, keeping your home even warmer than regular roller shutters.

Other Benefits of Roller Shutters

• Shutters are great for year round climate protection. Not only keeping your home warmer in winter, they also help to keep it cool in summer, saving you money on your air conditioning bills in the hotter months.
• Shutters allow you to control the light filtration into the room, reducing its intensity and preventing fading of furniture and furnishings.
• Shutters provide excellent privacy while still allowing light to flow through into your home. You control the extent by simply adjusting the shutter to suit your needs.
• Shutters can help protect your home in the instance of a storm or harsh weather events such as excessive wind and hail.
• One of the best qualities of outdoor shutters is their excellent defence against burglary, keeping your home safe and secure.

Choose Nu Style Shutters for top quality roller shutters and outdoor blinds. Proudly 100% Western Australian owned and operated, we have been providing Perth businesses and homes with quality roller shutters for over 20 years. Custom designed and manufactured right here in Perth using high-quality materials intended to withstand Australia’s harshest elements, if you are looking for bespoke shutters tailored specifically to your home then give us a call today. Servicing the entire Perth metro area as well as Mandurah, Pinjarra, Dansville, Yunderup, contact our team for a free quote and see how we can keep your home warmer this winter and help you save you money on your energy bills.

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