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Revitalising Mandurah’s Homes: Nu-Style Roller Shutters Set The New Standard for Modern Living

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At Nu-Style Shutters we offer premium quality automated and customised roller shutter products to the entire Perth Metro area, from Yanchep to Mandurah. Nu-Style offers a range of colours to choose from and customisable features to suit every business, home or office in Perth’s outer suburbs. Therefore, everyone can revitalise their property and set a new standard for modern living in their growing neighbourhood. 

As regional areas like Mandurah grow, we know that homeowners are looking for ways to upgrade their living spaces. So why should Mandurah residents consider installing roller shutters in their homes and what benefits do they offer to suit the Mandurah lifestyle and local climate?

Improved Security and Privacy

Safety and privacy are important for any home. Nu-Style branded roller shutters provide excellent protection with their strong and durable materials. They come with advanced locking systems that deter burglaries and break-ins, giving you peace of mind. These shutters can be easily controlled using a remote or a smart home system, allowing you to quickly secure your home or create a private space whenever you need it.

Better Climate Control and Energy Efficiency

Mandurah’s weather can be hot in summer and mild in winter, which can make it challenging to keep homes comfortable. Nu-Style Roller Shutters act as effective insulators, helping regulate the temperature inside your home. During hot days, the shutters prevent heat from entering, keeping your home cool without relying heavily on air conditioning. In colder months, they provide insulation by trapping heat indoors, reducing the need for excessive heating.

Reduced Noise

Living near busy roads like Mandurah Rd or Pinjarra Rd can be bothersome with the train station and the shopping centre nearby. Nu-Style’s Shutters are designed to reduce outside noise, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful home environment. The shutters’ strong construction and insulation properties create a barrier against external sounds. With the convenience of remote control, you can easily create a quiet retreat with just the push of a button.

Protection from UV Rays and Light Control

Mandurah’s coastal location means plenty of sunlight, but excessive exposure to UV rays can damage your furniture and interiors over time. Nu-Style’s Roller Shutters offer great UV protection by blocking out a significant amount of the sun’s rays. This helps preserve the longevity and vibrancy of your belongings. Additionally, these shutters allow you to control the amount of natural light entering your home, enabling you to create the desired ambiance while maintaining privacy.
Roller shutters are transforming homes in Mandurah and are a smart investment for homeowners looking to enhance their living spaces. With their high quality and modern features, Nu-Style Roller Shutters set a new standard for modern living in Mandurah.

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