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Save Power and Keep Your Home Cool with Window Roller Shutters

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Fit your windows with window roller shutters and prepare your home for the hot summer months ahead. Installing window roller shutters keeps your home cool during summer and is the perfect eco-friendly and cost-effective solution. Nu Style Shutters offers a great range of quality rollers shutters that provide protection from the sun, add value to your property, increase security and add to the aesthetic appeal of your home. Let’s take a look at why you should install roller window shutters for summer.

Why Choose Window Roller Shutters?

Windows and doors are responsible for the majority of heat loss and heat gain that takes place in a home, and knowing how to effectively combat this is critical for optimum indoor conditions. Window roller shutters are an affordable and easy way to reduce heat and keep your house cool while saving on power bills. Eco-friendly and attractive, they protect the inside of the house from light and heat, and have added benefits including:

  • They are incredibly practical, as they keep the heat as well as sunlight out.
  • They block out excess external noise.
  • They offer great ventilation.
  • They are long lasting and durable and can maintain their structural integrity for a very long period of time if properly cared for.
  • They enhance a modern and contemporary exterior.
  • They roll away conveniently and are easy to operate.
  • They keep you home safe from burglars and offer excellent privacy.
  • They are available in a number of colours to complement the current exterior colour scheme of a home.
  • They can be installed in a house of any size, from a small villa to a large mansion.

How Do Window Roller Shutters Keep a House Cool?

The top performers when it comes to thermal insulation in summer – roller shutters provide an effective barrier between outdoor heat and the window or door glass pane. The shutter’s thermal characteristics are achieved by an air pocket formed between the shutter and the glass. Roller shutters, when completely closed, can reduce heat gain by up to 90%.

By How Much Can Roller Shutters Reduce My Power Bills?

Perth is known for its scorching summers, with the many parts of the region regularly hitting 40 degrees or higher. In these conditions, most homeowners are forced to resort to expensive cooling methods, such as air conditioners that cause a drastic spike in electricity costs. Installing roller window shutters keep cool air in and hot air out, meaning less usage of air conditioning and therefore leading to a cost saving of up to 30% in your electricity bill.

Roller Shutters Are Great for Bush Fire Areas

Unfortunately, there isn’t an Australian summer that goes by without bush fires and government agencies now advise installing aluminium window roller shutters for added protection for homes in bush fire prone regions. Window roller shutters can reduce the effects of bushfires by:

  • Preventing scorching heat from entering the home.
  • Preventing glass windows and doors from shattering.
  • Stopping internal fixtures and furnishings from igniting.

Don’t sweat through another summer, install roller shutters now and keep your home cool during the long hot months. Nu Style Shutters is Perth’s trusted supplier of high quality window roller shutters. West Australian owned and operated, we continually lead the way in design and innovation of premium quality aluminium roller shutters for both commercial and residential applications. Contact us today for an obligation free quotation.

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