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Security Doors and Screens – How Secure Do They Really Keep Your Property?

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Security doors and screens are the first line of defence against home intrusion and as such, are an important and cost-effective measure that will ensure the safety of your home and your family inside. However, not all security doors are the same. Many doors and screens available in the market simply cannot withstand the force of a break-in, leaving your home vulnerable. At Nu Style Shutters, we specialise in making stylish, slimline custom-made security screens and doors for homes throughout Perth. We go above and beyond to ensure our doors adhere to the required standards so they are certified’ security’ doors. Read on to find out what that really means.

Testing for Australian Security Doors and Grilles

A certified security door meets Australian Standards 5039: Security Screen Doors and Security Window Grilles. This means that the door is legally allowed to be labelled a ‘security screen door’. Any doors that fail any of these tests can only be called ‘barrier doors’ or ‘safety doors’ and will not provide the maximum level of security.

The six tests used to assess the strength and structural integrity of security doors and screens are:

The Knife Test – this involves applying strong force to the screen with a heavy-duty knife. This is done 3 times, with a new blade each time. For the screen to pass, there must not be an incision of greater than 15cm.

The Impact Test – designed to replicate a physical attack on the security door, this test involves a pendulum weight, generating 100j of impact force, hitting a specific point of the security door. This is performed 5 times. The door will pass if the impact fails to breach the material and the mesh does not come away from the frame.

The Jemmy Test – simulates an intruder attempting to lever the screen open with a screwdriver or jemmy. The test involves a lever being wedged between the security door lock and hinge, and the frame of the door. If the door remains securely closed, it will pass.

The Pull Test – simulating an intruder attempting to pull the screen out, this test is carried out if a sufficient gap is achieved following the Jemmy Test.

The Probe Test – this test ensures an intruder cannot make a gap in the screen big enough to fit their hand through. A force of 150kg is applied to either side of the opening. The door will pass if the space doesn’t grow to a size that a hand could fit through.

The Shear Test – this test uses a tool to provide increasing pressure until the sample strand (used to measure the strength of the mesh of the screen door) breaks. It is designed to replicate an attack on the screen with a cutting plier.

The probe and shear test are only required if the whole aperture of the mesh is larger than the test requirement.

Security Door Vs Safety Door

While a safety door may resemble a security door, it has either not been tested to meet the Australian Standards 5039 or it has failed. Not only does it not meet the required standards, it may also only contain a single lock. Security doors must be fitted with a triple lock. Most window grilles and doors bought from hardware stores are safety doors, not security doors. It is unknown whether they would withstand a break in, and therefore the main security they provide is as a visual deterrent. For the ultimate in security, a custom security door from a reputable supplier is the best choice.

High Quality Security Doors That Will Keep Your Home Safe

As one of the trusted manufacturers of security screens and doors in Australia, all Nu Style Security doors and screens undergo rigorous testing to ensure they comply with the tough Australian standards. Using superior PROMESH high-tensile stainless steel mesh, we also provide a 20-year warranty, giving you peace of mind that your home will be protected for the long term. If you want to ensure your home, family and possessions are safe and secure, invest in a custom security door today. Get in touch with us online for a free quotation or give us a call on 1300 798 776 now.

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