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The Advantages of Security Screen Doors

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Custom security screen doors are an ideal security solution that keep your home safer whilst looking great too. At Nu Style Shutters, we have been providing high-quality security screen doors throughout Perth for over 20 years. Each security screen door is measured and then custom made right to suit your home, ensuring a perfect fit each time. Stylish yet practical, security screens and doors are the perfect addition to any home – let’s take a look at just some of their many benefits.

Excellent Security

One of the biggest advantages to security screen doors is the high level of protection they provide. Designed and made to withstand heavy impact, the best security screen doors are constructed form high-quality, robust steel or aluminium frames, and feature high tensile mesh, triple-locking systems, and secure non-removable hinges. Heavy duty security screens and doors act as a great visual deterrent to any would-be thieves, reducing the likelihood of your home being targeted. Even if your home does become a target, premium security mesh cannot be cut or pried open so your family and belongings will remain safe inside.

Improve Privacy

Security screen doors can also significantly improve privacy within your home. The one-way mesh is thick and angled making it harder for passers-by to see inside your home. This ensures you still have an uninterrupted view of the outside, whilst prying eyes have almost no visibility inside.

Keep Insects Out

In the warmer months, mosquitos, flies, and other pests are not just annoying, they can cause skin irritations and even severe illnesses. There’s nothing worse than trying to sleep with a mozzie buzzing around your ear or entertaining guests with flies hanging around. Security screen doors allow you to have air flowing through your home with the peace of mind of knowing that pesky insects are kept outdoors where they belong.

Improved Ventilation

We all need natural light and fresh air, but it’s not always safe to have your windows and doors open. Security screen doors allow you to open up the home and let light and fresh air flood in,

preventing mould and removing stale air from the environment. Not only will this help to keep your home healthier, but it will also make your house feel and smell cleaner, fresher and appear more spacious.

Keep Pets and Young Children Safe

Security screen doors which meet the specification of Australia Standards AS5039 offer incredible protection for pets and toddlers. Protecting him from falling out of the windows and from unattended balconies, they also prevent children from running out of the front door and into potentially dangerous situations. In addition to keeping young children secure, security doors keep your pets safer too. Cats are known to go out on ledges, windowsills, and high balconies – security screens and doors give you the assurance of your pet’s protection while keeping entrances open and allowing the free flow of fresh air.

Stay Cooler in Summer

Window screens and screen doors help to reduce the amount of direct sunlight that enters through your windows and doors, keeping your home cooler on hot summer days. Not only do they reduce heat transfer, but they also allow you to take advantage of evening breezes cooling down the interior of your home whilst maintaining your security. By keeping your home cooler, you can reduce your reliance on expensive air conditioning systems which will result in significant savings on your utility bills.

High-quality, custom security screen doors and window screens from Nu Style Shutters offer an impressive range of benefits – for more information or to arrange a free measure and quote, contact us online now or give our friendly team a call on 1300 798 776 today.

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