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The benefits of installing Crank Handle Blinds on your alfresco area

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Make your outdoor area a space that can be enjoyed all year round by installing outdoor, crank handle blinds. Available in a wide range of fabrics that provide excellent protection against sun, wind and harsh weather conditions, crank handle blinds are versatile and suitable for installation in areas where the addition of posts and tracks may look unsightly or cannot be fixed and are not desired. They also have a great price point and a neat and contemporary finish, making them an affordable and stylish solution for your alfresco area.

The Benefits of Crank Handle Blinds

Strong, durable and cost effective, there are many advantages of choosing crank handle blinds for your home. Some of the many benefits include:

They can cover large areas – Perfectly suited to covering large open areas, crank handle blinds are capable of covering up to six, or you can use several next to each other to provide shade and weather protection to even larger areas without having any fixed tracks or legs obstructing the view. This style of outdoor blind is often used for weather protection and as a coverage option for balconies, pergolas or verandas.

Add value to your property – Australian’s love to entertain outdoors, so by improving the function and aesthetic of your alfresco space with crank handle blinds, you will add significant re-sale value to your home.

Excellent sun protection – While crank handle blinds provide great protection from wind, they also have excellent sun protection qualities, blocking out 95% of harsh UV rays and reducing glare, whilst still allowing for a moderate flow of fresh air.

Help reduce your energy bills – Cutting down sun glare and acting as an insulative shield, crank handle blinds help to keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Reducing heat transmission and the effect of direct sunlight against the glass windows and doors of you home, the insulative qualities of the woven PVC mesh will help to reduce your energy bills, saving you money.

Stylish minimal design – With no guides the crank handle style blind contains minimal fixings, with the only fixing points required in the stainless steel brackets and bottom clipping positions.

Customisable – With a wide range of fabrics available in a comprehensive colour offering, you can customise the design of your blinds ensuring they complement and blend seamlessly into the existing colour scheme of your home.

Low Maintenance – A regular clean is all it takes to keep your blinds looking their best.

Caring for Your Crank Handle Blinds

When looked after properly, your crank handle blinds will certainly stand the test of time. While considered low maintenance, there are few things that you can do to ensure maximum durability and lifespan of your blinds:

  • Regularly clean both sides of the material using a soft cloth and water. Remove any particles such as bird droppings, dust and debris on the material to avoid scratches when wiping with a cleaning cloth.
  • Avoid hard scrubbing which may damage the surface of the material.
  • Wipe dry with a soft lint-free cloth or sponge.
  • Allow to dry completely before rolling up.
  • Be careful with the detergent you use for cleaning. Choose a natural detergent and try to avoid non-diluted detergents, cleaning fluids and soap.
  • Avoid using insecticides and garden sprays near your blinds as these may stain or damage the material.
  • Keep blinds in the vertical fixed position as much as possible as this will allow the material to maintain its shape. However, keep in mind that if your blinds are too tight, the material may start contracting in the middle due to the tension, if this is the case loosen the tension slightly to allow the blind to fill out.
  • Keep blinds rolled up during very heaving gusts and high winds as this may cause damage to the blinds and potentially the structure to which they are attached if they are kept down during these intense conditions.

Regularly cleaning your blinds will ensure you get the most out of the product, so a simple wash on a regular basis will ensure years of trouble free protection from the sun and the weather.

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