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WA Keeping Cool: Outdoor Blinds and Roller Shutters Making For A Better Summer

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In Australia, when Spring and Summer roll in, so do the outdoor sports. Aussies are famous for their love of backyard games; just ask ‘Bluey Heeler’. From wheelie bin cricket to footy, these games are a big part of the Aussie way of life. But as the summers get hotter each year, it’s a smarter play to think about getting outdoor blinds or roller shutters. This way, everyone can still enjoy their outdoor sports and cool down inside for halftime.

Dealing with Hotter Summers

Even though we love our outdoor sports, the weather Down Under is changing. Summers are getting hotter, and the sun’s rays are stronger. We are experiencing raging bushfires that consume acres of native bushland and rolling blackouts from excessive use of Air-conditioners and temperature controlled appliances.

Last summer (2023), Perth alone recorded 13 days of temperatures over 40 Degrees Celsius, which almost doubled the previous year and set a new record. Considering the norm for almost 120 years has been 3-4 days of temperatures over 40, over several months, that is definitely a red card.

While there isn’t much we can do about our poor gardens and community parks during a heat wave, we can ensure we have a cool and shaded place to cool off when those hot days arrive. That’s where outdoor blinds come in handy.

Comfort Indoors When You Need It

Outdoor blinds and roller shutters aren’t just for looks; they’re super useful in keeping the harsh Aussie sun at bay. They provide much-needed shade from the direct sunlight and help cool the house down. That means using the air conditioning unit less during peak periods. We all remember that crisis some years ago in Perth when everyone who had one turned on their air conditioners and overloaded the power grid. Yikes, rolling blackouts!

But that’s not all. These blinds also give you privacy, so you can enjoy your outdoor space without prying eyes. They create a cosy, private atmosphere while also providing a noise free atmosphere for less enthusiastic fans of noisy backyard sports.

Protecting Your Windows

And here’s the bonus: outdoor blinds and roller shutters are like guardians for your windows. If you’ve ever played cricket in the backyard, you know how easily a ball can go flying and crash through a window. Outdoor blinds act like a protective layer, reducing any damage from that accidental ‘hit for six’.

Getting Ready for a Cooler, Safer Summer

So, what’s your game plan? As the weather heats up in Spring and Summer, getting outdoor blinds and roller shutters isn’t just a good idea; it’s a must have for the modern home and avid backyard players. These additions to your home give you shade, privacy, and protection from accidents, so you can enjoy your outdoor traditions without the blazing sun ruining all the fun.

Don’t delay! Get ready for another scorching Aussie summer, protect your home, enjoy your backyard games and let the good times roll.

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