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They Key Benefits of Installing Roller Shutters

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Roller Shutters are a contemporary addition to any home or business, adding style as well as value, they offer a huge range of benefits from security to savings on your power bills. Available in a wide range of colours to complement any existing colour scheme, roller shutters are easy to operate, low maintenance and are an all-round wise investment for any home or business. The advantages of roller shutters go further than just security and aesthetic appeal, so let’s take a look at how roller shutters can benefit your home.

Great for Insulation – Saving You Money

Shutters act as an effective insulator, keeping warm air in and cool air out in winter and vice versa in the hot summer months. Offering an extra dimension of thermal protection by insulating your vulnerable glass windows, your air conditioning and heating systems won’t have to work as hard, meaning significant savings on your energy bills.

Increase the Security of Your Home

Roller shutters are an effective way of boosting your home’s security. They can be used on both doors and windows, protecting your home and family from burglary. Roller shutters make it difficult for intruders to have access your windows and doors as once the roller shutter is in closed position, it’s very hard for someone to open the roller shutter from the outside.

They Offer More Privacy

Roller shutters can make your home more private. You can control the level of privacy by rolling down the shutters to the required level at any time of day or night. This is especially useful if you have windows facing the streets or require different privacy levels at certain times of day.

Great for Noise Control

They’re also very effective at blocking out noise. High quality roller shutters can block out up to 60% of external noise, so it’s worth getting them installed if you live on a busy road, near an airport or have noisy neighbours!

Perfect for Light Control

They give you a huge amount of control over the amount of light that enters the room. You can choose to completely blacken a room by lowering the shutters all the way, which is great for shift workers or people who need a completely dark room to sleep or you can have them wide open so that sunlight filters into the room. This also allows you to protect your furniture and furnishings from fading and sun damage as you can decrease the light flooding into the room during the brightest part of the day.

Protection from the Elements

Another great benefit of roller shutters is that they can protect your home against the weather. In the case of extreme weather conditions such as hail, wind and storms, simply close the shutters and you can relax knowing any branches or other debris that could break glass or cause damage, will be deflected. Shutters may be light-weight but they are extremely durable and are built to withstand high winds of 100km per hour or more.

If you are looking for the highest quality roller shutters custom designed and built to suit your home, then look no further than Nu Style Shutters. Established in 2003, our family owned business has installed premium shutters to thousands of buildings in and around Perth. Backed by a 10 year guarantee, you can be sure that you are getting the best very best roller shutters designed for Australia’s tough climate. Contact us today for a free quote.

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