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5 Practical Tips to Increase The Life Of Your Perth Roller Shutters

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Roller shutters are a great investment in the security of your home or business, and as with any investment you want to make it last as long as possible. Luckily, roller shutters are robust by nature (that’s kind of the point!), so you won’t need to worry about them too much. Even so, a little bit of maintenance and care can make a big difference. We’ve got five tips lined up for you that will ensure your roller shutters last even longer:

Tip 1: Clean Your Shutters Regularly

Your shutters will protect your home from the elements, so naturally they’re going to be exposed to some grime and dirt along the way. Over time, dust and dirt can cause damage, especially if it gets caught up in the tracks or under the bottom bar. A quick wipe down with a wet cloth once a week should be enough to keep them clean and in good working order. This is also a good opportunity to give them a once over to check for any more serious damage or evidence of an attempted break-in.

Tip 2: Keep Your Shutters Free of Obstructions

Always check for obstructions before bringing a roller shutter down. Even a small object may cause damage if you try to close your shutter on it. If the shutter becomes slightly buckled, it may be harder to bring down or may even jam. If this happens, get it fixed immediately: continually using a shutter in this condition may cause further damage. Be particularly careful to check for obstructions after a storm, since twigs and branches may have been blown around.

Tip 3: Leave Roller Shutters Down When Windy

Roller shutters provide strong protection against wind, but only when they’re down. Not only will they protect your windows (in residential situations) but they’ll also be stronger and more resistant to damage themselves.

Tip 4: Keep Them Well Oiled

It’s easy to forget to oil your shutters because they work so well when they’re first installed. But over time, an unoiled shutter can become stiffer and more difficult to open. And when this happens, you either risk further damage to the shutter by forcing it (if opening and closing manually), or you put additional pressure on the motor (if using an electric roller shutter).

Tip 5: Get Your Shutters Serviced

A once-yearly service for your shutters will help ensure they’re working correctly. Your engineer will be able to spot and correct problems before they become serious, provide guidance on maintenance, and help keep your motor in good running order. Many people decide against booking service calls, but they are a small investment compared to the cost of replacing a shutter or, worse, experiencing a break-in because one of your shutters is faulty.

Do your shutters need a service call? NuStyle are Perth’s top choice for roller shutters. With 25 years’ experience in the roller shutter industry, a dedicated installation and service team, and a reputation for quality, your roller shutters are in good hands. Contact the team today on 1300 798 776 or contact us online.

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