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7 Ways to Keep Your Home Cooler in Summer

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While a Perth summer is synonymous with sun-drenched days and balmy evenings, many of us struggle when the temperatures soar, especially when it comes to sleeping. While it’s easy to hit the switch on the air con, this can lead to sky-high utility bills, and let’s face it, it isn’t the most eco-friendly option. Knowing how to keep your house cooler without relying on air conditioning can be a godsend during heatwaves and the good news is, it’s relatively easy to do. Read on to find out more.

Cover Your Windows

It may seem obvious, but if sunlight streams in through your windows it’s going to make your house warm. Even though it’s tempting to open your curtains to let the beautiful sunshine in, if want to prevent your home from overheating in summer you should resist the temptation and keep window coverings closed during the day. Rooms with north-facing windows can be unbearably hot in the summer. If closing the curtains and blinds just isn’t doing the trick, you may need to consider external awnings or high-quality roller shutters for extra protection.


Cook Outside

Make use of your barbeque as much possible. Roasting, grilling, and baking your meals outdoors in your barbeque will stop your oven from generating unnecessary heat in the kitchen that can filter through your whole home.

Turn Off Unused Appliances

It’s not just ovens that can add to the temperature inside your home, most other appliances will generate unwanted heat so consider turning things like your television, desktop computer, kitchen appliances, and even phone chargers off at the switch. This will stop them from warming the rooms they are in.

Keep Lights Off

Light bulbs are another source of heat in homes, so lights should be kept off when trying to cool your house down. The type of lightbulbs you choose can also have a big impact on their heat-generating abilities. Switch to low-energy LED light bulbs to reduce overheating, these will also help to reduce your power bills too!

Add House Plants

House plants look great and have been proven to boost your mood and energy levels. However, in addition to this they can also play a key part in keeping your house cool. Plants act as natural air conditioners and generate moisture into the atmosphere through a process known as transpiration. Look for peace lilies and rubber plants as they work best in humid conditions.

Seal the Gaps

Most homes, and especially old houses, have little cracks and gaps where warm air can infiltrate. Whether it’s around windows and under doors, around recessed lights or through air vents, there’s so many places where hot air can get in. To keep your home cooler, use insulation strips around windows and under doors, and close off draughty fireplaces, unused pet doors, and any other areas where heat can enter.

Increase Shade

A well-shaded home can block 90% of the sun’s heat in the warmer months. There’s many things you can do to shade your home from the harsh WA sun. Eaves, and pergolas are permanent fixtures that can help to shield windows and doors from the sun’s rays. Outdoor blinds, awnings, and roller shutters can open and close as you need to prevent heat entering in summer, and escaping in winter. Deciduous trees planted near windows will also keep the sun off in summer but let it shine through in the cooler winter months.

Invest in Roller Shutters for Excellent Protection from the Summer Sun

Adding roller shutters to your windows significantly reduces the flow of hot air that is able to enter your home during summer. Acting as a barrier between the window glass and sunlight, high-quality, custom roller shutters not only block up to 90% of heat, but they also eliminate the annoying glare of bright sunlight and protect the interior of your home by blocking out damaging UV rays. Additionally, roller shutters have incredible insulation properties which will also keep your home warmer in winter. For year round climate control in your home, get a quote for roller shutters from Nu Style Shutters today. Enquire online or call 1300 798 776.

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