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8 Top Reasons Why You Should Install Roller Shutters in 2019

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Roller shutters are on trend this year. Don’t believe us? Look around Perth, and you’ll see them everywhere… and most of them were installed by us!

Of course, it’s not just about being trendy: roller shutters have significant advantages. Here’s 8 of the best:

1. Boost The Value of Your Home

Roller shutters are becoming a popular option for many homeowners, which means that installing them is likely to increase the value and saleability of your home. And don’t worry if you’re not planning on selling any time soon; high-quality roller shutters will last you for years. Nu Style shutters, for example, come with a 10-year warranty, and we expect them to live far longer than that!

2. Deter Criminals

Most criminals are risk-averse; they want a low-risk home that is easy to break into. Roller shutters act as a significant deterrent because they show criminals that you’ve invested in the security of your home. You’re not an easy target anymore: breaking into your home is going to take hard work, time, and noise. It’s likely most criminals won’t even give your home a second glance: it’s just not worth it for them.

3. Secure Your Home From Thieves

Roller shutters really shine in the unlikely event that a criminal does try to enter the property. To start with, they’ll need to bring some specialist cutting equipment if they want to get through the barrier. Even then, they’re going to be creating plenty of noise, drawing unwanted attention towards their activities. The time and energy required to get through means it’s highly unlikely they’ll achieve their aim before the alarm is raised.

4. Improve Your Privacy

Roller shutters provide considerable privacy by providing an effective barrier to stop people from looking into your home at night. Additionally, roller shutters help to reduce noise pollution coming in from outside your home.

5. Protect Doors and Windows From The Elements

As we’re sure you know, Australian weather can be quite destructive. Wind, rain and hail all take their toll on your windows and doors – unless you have roller shutters protecting them, that is. Roller shutters also come with the added bonus that they can help protect your home from bushfire.

6. Save Money By Improving Your Insulation

Roller shutters add additional insulation, helping keep your home warmer during winter and cooler during the summer. We achieve this through the high-quality polyurethane injection each of our shutters is given. By installing roller shutters, you’ll reduce both your AC and heating bills; good for the environment, good for your wallet.

7. Increased Convenience

Electric and remote motor options mean roller shutters are a great addition for lovers of convenience. Why go around your home closing every shutter manually when you can close every single one with the press of a button? It’s not only easier, but it’s also safer – you’ll never forget and leave one open.

8. Roller Shutters Look Great

With a clean and simple look, roller shutters add a modern twist to the outside of your home. We pride ourselves on creating shutters that are both practical and good looking. Take a look at some of our recent work and judge for yourself (scroll down to the bottom).

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