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Can Existing Manual Roller Shutters and Blinds Be Converted to Electric?

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If you have high-quality roller shutters and blinds installed in your home, but you’ve had enough of constantly winding them up and down manually, you might be considering converting your manual shutters and blinds to electric. At Nu Style Shutters, our family-owned business has fit over 50,000 shutters for clients across Perth, providing families and businesses with the ultimate in comfort and security. We often get asked about manual to electric conversions, so below we will explore the options available.

Converting Roller Shutters

In most cases, existing roller shutters can be converted to electric simply and affordably. Combined with a clean and service, a conversion is a great way to bring old shutters back to life again.

How does the conversion work?

Our technicians will attend your home and install a motor, new internal drive train components, an axel and new end cap. The existing manual drive will be removed then the electric motor bracket and motor will be installed to your roller shutters side frame. The shutter will be put back to together and then at the same time, our qualified electrician will connect the power into the existing power supply of your home. You can also opt to add a remote control instead of just a switch.

On a weekly basis we perform 240V electric conversions on smart drive shutters that don’t work anymore or old manual shutters that are tired and worn.

How much does it cost?

Conversions are affordable, starting from as low as $400 and ranging to $650 depending on the job – whether you want a remote or need more than one shutter converted. Pricing includes the new motor, the internal components, installation labour costs and electrical work required.

What are the benefits of converting to electric?

  • Easy to open and close – You can just operate them with only one touch of a button or a remote
  • Fantastic for elderly home owners or people with limited mobility who may find manual shutters hard to operate
  • Smooth and seamless operation prolongs the life of your shutters
  • No more replacing broker roller shutter manual winder tapes

In addition to the above benefits, electric roller shutters can be incorporated into a home automation system so they can be operated remotely via a smart phone through the addition of our smart shutter hub system.  

Converting Blinds

Manual outdoor blinds are not as easily converted to electric. It is not as simple as installing a motor and electrical wiring so in most cases as the existing blind is often built with a spring loaded mechanism, to convert them over many parts need to be replaces and the model of blind you have may not actually come in an electric version. Ziptrak® is one of the only outdoor shade blinds that can be converted, for pricing and information on potentially converting you’re existing manual blinds give us a call today however often the only option is to replace your manual blinds with a new blind that is an electric version from manufacture.

For more information or for a free quote for converting your shutters to electric, or for a free quotation for new electric outdoor blinds, contact the team at Nu Style Shutters today. We specialise in conversions, repairs, and installation of new custom roller shutters, as well as the installation of custom outdoor blinds. Call us today on 1300 798 776 or enquire online now.

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