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How Much Do Roller Shutters cost in Perth?

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Are you in the market for roller shutters but aren’t too sure how much they’ll cost?  You may well be confused by the barrage of ads which promise ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ specials that you’ll miss out on unless you sign up immediately?

The truth is, if you want to know what you will pay for roller shutters, you really need compare apples with apples.

The products aren’t all the same and there are many different factors which affect the pricing.

Very often, that ‘unbelievably low sale price’ that is advertised is only half the story – and the real cost is buried somewhere in the fine print.  The fact is, many different factors need to be taken into consideration when working out what roller shutters will cost and any reputable manufacturer will be open and transparent with regards to their pricing structures and should give you the full story upfront.

The first thing to know is that there can be significant variations in the quality of the different products on offer.  Some roller shutters are manufactured overseas, others are made locally using materials that are suitable for Australia’s climate – so you need to make sure that the products are of a similar standard when you’re comparing the costs.

That said, roller shutters are surprisingly affordable. What’s more, they add substantial value to a property and punch way above their weight in terms of all the benefits they deliver which include:

  • Improved aesthetics
  • Temperature regulation
  • Energy savings
  • Enhanced security
  • Greater privacy
  • Reduced noise
  • Light filtration

Let’s look at the five key considerations that affect the price of roller shutters:

  1. Size

The size of your window will affect the cost of the roller shutters.  Smaller ones are obviously cheaper and if your window span in your home or office is extra wide, you may need to upgrade to commercial shutters.

  1. Operating methods

Roller shutters can be operated manually or electrically and your choice of operating system will affect the cost of your installation.  Electric and battery-powered remote motors are the most popular operating system for residential window shutters and a qualified electrician is required to install them, whilst smart drive, springloaded and manual systems operate without electricity.  It’s also possible to get motorised roller shutters that can be programmed to open and close automatically.

  1. The profile of the roller shutters

The cost will also depend on the profile of the roller shutters that you choose. Standard products are perfect for everyday domestic and commercial installations, but premium heavy-duty products would be required when there is a need for increased strength and security or where other factors pose a risk.   For example, the cost of standard roller shutters for a home in Perth would be less than the cost of cyclone-rated roller shutters or ones which have been specially designed to provide extra protection from bushfires.

  1. The design of the property

Installing roller shutters is generally a hassle-free process and can be completed in a surprisingly short amount of time.  However, in some instances, unusual or very old window designs can be a bit more challenging and installers may require additional time.  This can impact on the price of the roller shutters, but a reputable supplier would alert you to this possibility upfront so you shouldn’t have any unexpected surprises.

  1. Colour

Your colour choice of your roller shutters will also affect the cost, and you should talk to the manufacturers about the price differentials between powder-coating the aluminium slats and other paint options.

Now that you know about the various factors that influence the cost of roller shutters, you’re probably wondering where you should go to get a quote.  Well, don’t forget the old saying that ‘you get what you pay for’, so seek out a reputable and established supplier who has a strong record of performance and customer service.  Check out their warranty and guarantee policies and when you’re comparing prices, make sure you are comparing similar products and have included all the costs (installation etc).

One company that is consistently rated five stars by their customers is Nu Style Shutters, a WA-owned and operated a company that has been manufacturing roller shutters in Perth for over 20 years.  They guarantee to beat any written quote, offer free installation and discounts for seniors and have an easy interest-free payment scheme which makes it possible for anyone to enjoy the benefits of quality roller shutters. If you would like to learn more about the price of roller shutters free measure-and-quote seven days a week, please call our team on 1300 296 820 or visit our website, www.nustyleshutters.com.au.

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