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How to Choose the Right Colour Roller Shutters

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Roller shutter colour can impact the entire aesthetics of your home or building, so it’s important that you make the right choice. Choosing the right colour will enhance the visual appeal of your home, making it stand out for all the right reasons. Nu Style Shutters has been making high quality roller shutters for Perth homes and business since 2003. Here’s a few handy tips that might help make the colour selection process a little easier.

Understand Your Options

Custom roller shutters for windows and doors are available in a wide range of stylish colours to suit your décor. Standard colours include white, black and charcoal, while green, red and brown are common amongst traditional style homes and silver and grey are typically chosen for a modern aesthetic.

Complement Your Existing Colour Scheme

A great way to select a colour for your shutters is to choose one that blends well with your current exterior style. Explore the colour of your roof, gutters and window and door trims, and opt for a complementary shade as this will create a cohesive colour scheme across the whole façade.

Go Bold for a Contemporary Look

For a modern feel, don’t be afraid to play around with colour. Whether it’s choosing a highly contrasting hue such as black roller shutters for an all-white façade, or choosing two different colours to create visual interest, it is possible to veer away from more conservative colour schemes if you really want to make a statement.

Refer to Similar Homes in Your Neighbourhood

A good idea if your home is located in an estate or area where surrounding houses are of similar architectural style, is to walk around your local streets and see what colour roller shutters your neighbours have selected. You might come across a colour that you never imagined would work well for your home.

Match the Colour of the Door and Window Trims

A fail-safe way of selecting a great colour is to simply choose the colour of your existing door and window trims. If your trims are white, white roller shutters will blend seamlessly into your home for a sleek and minimalist look. Keep in mind, the colour needs to be a very close match or else it can make it appear as though you have mistakenly chosen the wrong colour. If you cannot get a perfect match, avoid choosing colours from the same family (for example combining white with beige), instead opt for a contrasting hue. If your trims are darker colours, lighter roller shutters will work best and darker shutters will suit lighter trims.

Ask an Expert

Professional roller shutter companies that have a reputation for delivering high quality custom shutters will be able to provide honest advice and help guide you along the colour selection process. An experienced and knowledgeable team who have installed roller shutters in your local area will have a sound understanding of the colours that will be best suited to your home or building.

When it comes to choosing the best colour for your window roller shutters, it also comes down to personal preference, so make sure you choose a colour that you are happy with and will be glad to look at for many years to come. 

Nu Style Shutters have been designing, manufacturing and installing custom rollers for over 20 years so we are here to help you select the perfect roller shutters to suit your style, needs and budget. If you need help, advice or a quote for roller shutters for your home or business, get in touch with our friendly team today. Call us on 1300 798 776 or send us an online enquiry and we will get back to your promptly. We will make a time to visit your property and provide you with a free measure and quote.

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